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Node Staff attend EBL and NIL/HE training in Europe

June 2011

Dr Gordon Li (EBL process engineer) attended two workshops at RAITH Dortmund during May 2011 relating to e-beam lithography. The two workshops covered proximity effect correction (PEC) using Monte Carlo Simulation, usage of Raith experiment scheme in relation to PEC, running of PEC experiments, automation training, including the use of Java script to write Raith programs and the usage of mix & match exposure. More experiments at the ACT node are now scheduled to implement the knowledge gained in order to enhance and strengthen the node's expertise in the field of e-beam lithography.

Kaushal, Fouad & lattice crystal Also in May 2011, three staff members: Dr Kaushal Vora, Dr Gordon Li and, node manager, Dr Fouad Karouta undertook a week of training at EVG related to nano-imprint technology that covered the basics of NIL technology and choice of polymers, making stamps (MD-40 on glass) from standard masters for both UV-curing and hot embossing, UV-curing of made stamps (lines and circles with various sizes) and hot embossing using made stamps.
Kaushal and Fouad during a training on machine maintenance (left)
and test sample patterned with square lattice photonic crystal like hole (right).