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First Annual User Workshop - ACT Node

June 2013

The ACT Node held their first User Workshop on Tuesday, 25 June—only a couple of weeks after the last newsletter was sent out. It was a well attended event, with close to 60 people, held in the Leonard Huxley Lecture Theatre with a total of 11 presentations—a full digest of the abstracts is available here.

Two prize draws were made they went to Pawel Sajewicz and Mykhaylo Lysevych, both from Electrical Materials Engineering (EME), ANU and they both received an ANFF polo shirt.

The event concluded with an in-house Turkish banquet and the biggest ANFF chocolate cake you have ever seen!

Mykhaylo Lysevych receiving award Pawel Sajewicz receiving award ANFF cake

Left: Mykahylo Lysevych (EME, ANU) winning one of the prize draws; centre: Pawel Sajewicz (EME) accepting the same honour from ANFFL CEO Rosie Hicks; and Rosie cuting the ANFF chocholate cake at the Turkish banquet at the close of the Workshop.

Below: Line up of all the presenters at the Leonard Huxley Theatre - (left to right) Kate Booker (CECS, ANU), Andrew Thomson (CECS, ANU),
Steffan Breuer (EME, ANU), Andy Feng (EME, ANU), Sahar Mirzaei (EME, ANU), Pawel Sajewicz (EME, ANU), Simon Doe (Node Manager - SA Node),
Duk-Yong Choi (LPC, ANU), Mykhaylo Lysevych (EME, ANU), Qian Gao (EME, ANU) and Sam Turner (EME, ANU)
with Node Manager, Fouad Karouta and ANFFL CEO, Rosie Hicks

Workshop presenters