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ACT Node welcomes our new MOCVD Process Engineer!

December 2013

Mykhaylo Lychevych

The ANFF ACT Node has just appointed Mykhaylo Lysevych as the Process Engineer to look after the newly installed (and old) MOCVD reactors.

Mykhaylo completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Engineering (Laser and Optoelectronic Systems) in 2003 at Lviv Polytechnic National University in the Ukraine.

In 2005 he joined the Department of Electronic Materials Engineering (EME) at The Australian National University as an MPhil student working on “Design, Growth, Fabrication and Characterisation of AlInGaAs/InP Lasers”. A significant part of the project dealt with the development of the MOCVD growth of optical quality of materials containing aluminium on indium phosphide (InP).

After successfully completing the MPhil in 2007, Mykhaylo continued to work on lasers as a PhD student at EME. He studied the concept of broad-waveguide lasers for high power single spatial mode InP-based lasers, during which time he developed methods for increasing laser output power. Very critical for producing high power lasers is the low loss optical waveguide and the development of an MOCVD growth regime resulting in precisely controlled doping profile was essential.

His research interests include epitaxial growth, lasers, LEDs, optical waveguides, device design and numerical modelling, device fabrication and characterisation.

Mykhaylo Lysevych (left) receiving an award from ANFF CEO, Rosie Hicks, at the recent ANFF - ACT User Workshop.