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ANFF-ACT staff remote work.


Following the email of VC today, ANFF staff will be working from home.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any doubts in your fabrication while writing up.
In addition, ANFF staff will be available on Zoom if you want to discuss about your project or new research plans.


Stay safe.


Best Regards,

Acting Node Manager



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ANFF has signed an international agreement.

Our agreement with CMC Microsystems will enable Australian researchers to access the software required to realise new technologies. CMC Microsystems works with researchers and industry across Canada’s National Design Network┬« providing access to world-class tools, technologies, expertise and industrial capabilities for designing, prototyping and manufacturing innovations in microsystems and nanotechnologies.


For further details please click here.


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Events & Conferences of Interest


IEEE Nano 2020


29-31 July 2020




Sydney, Australia

9-14 August 2020



MNE 2020

Leuven, Belgium

14-18 September 2020



ICNN 2020

Singapore, SG

19-20 November 2020



ICN 2020

London, UK

19-20 November 2020




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Node Newsletters


Current and previous ACT/WA Node newsletters are available as PDF files below. If you would like to be added to our newsletter distribution list click here.


2020 June - Issue 44

2020 March - Issue 43

2019 December - Issue 42

2019 September - Issue 41

2019 June - Issue 40

2019 March - Issue 39

2019 January - Issue 38

2018 October - Issue 37

2018 June - Issue 36

2018 March - Issue 35

2017 December - Issue 34

2017 Sept - Issue 33

2017 June - Issue 32

2017 March - Issue #31

2016 December - Issue #30

2016 September - Issue #29

2016 June - Issue #28

2016 March - Issue #27

2015 December- Issue #26

2015 September - Issue #25

2015 June - Issue #24

2015 March - Issue #23

2014 December - Issue #22

2014 September - Issue #21

2014 June - Issue #20

2014 March - Issue #19

2013 December - Issue #18

2013 September - Issue #17

2013 June - Issue #16 - A3

2013 March - Issue #15

2012 December - Issue #14

2012 September - Issue #13

2012 June - Issue #12

2012 March - Issue #11

2011 December - Issue #10

2011 September - Issue #9

2011 June - Issue #8

2011 March - Issue #7

2010 December - Issue #6

2010 September - Issue #5

2010 June - Issue #4

2010 March - Issue #3

2009 December - Issue #2

2009 September - Issue #1


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Useful Links & Sites


ANFF Staff Travel Fund.

ANFFL has announced a Staff Travel Fund that will help to pay for interstate travel of ANFF node’s staff to other ANFF facilities.

Grants are available for up to AU$2,000 and cover interstate airfares, food and accommodation.

The fund is designed to help increase staff awareness of the capabilities available across the ANFF network, to build closer linkages between nodes, and increase opportunities for collaboration.

The fund provides reimbursement to nodes for staff to travel to undertake activities intended to enhance the capabilities of the applicant’s home node, the node being visited, or the wider ANFF network.

Successful applicants will be required to present a talk on their home node at the node they are visiting, and also to report back on their trip with a talk once they arrive back home.

Applicants must hold a position at least partly funded by the ANFF and must hold that position when the travel occurs.

Please follow these links for more information:

Travel fund guidelines 2017-18 docx


Guide to including ANFF access costs in ARC and NHRMC grants for funding in 2016.

This useful guide, prepared by the ANFFL, is designed to assist researchers applying for ARC or NHRMC grants where their research needs access to tools and facilities of the ANFF. If you are going through this process it may save you some time and increase your chances of success! Click here.


Merck Interactive Periodic Table

Have a look at this interactive periodic table of the elements from Merck KGaA. It offers a lot of interesting information. Click here to go to the website - available in English, French, Spanish and Dutch languages.


Article on making your poster presentation stand out from the rest!

This article was originally published in the journal Nature. Posters are a chance to show off work and to network with colleagues, but only if the design is easy on the eye. Published online 29 February 2012 - click here


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