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MEMS-based chemical and bio-sensor arrays - December 2010


The Microelectronics Research Group at the WA Node of the ANFF has been working on next-generation optical read-out techniques for micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) based biological sensors. Specifically, they are working on various optical techniques which will provide methods for actuating and interrogating incredibly large arrays of micro-cantilever-based MEMS sensors. Using these techniques should provide the ability to build chips containing multi-system, multi-analyte sensors with zepto-gram (10-21g) accuracy. Read more here.



The Directors Cut, a retrospective on 2010 and on to 2011 - December 2010


2010 has been a very busy year for the Node at both the locations (ANU and UWA). All the flagship facilities have been established and operational and been heavily used by the internal as well as external users including industry and international institutions. Read more here.



Passivation of Solar Cells using sputtered Al2O3 films - September 2010


Photovoltaic solar energy is one of the fastest growing renewable energy technologies that aim to mitigate climate change. It is expected to provide between 5% (according to the International Energy Agency) and 10% (according to the photovoltaic industry) of the world's electricity by the year 2030. Read more here.



Node Infrastructure and Process Update - September 2010


All ANU facility equipment is being accessed by Australian researchers (internal as well external users from academia and industry). Below is a summary of the highlights of our work and process development over the past three months. Read more here.



... and on the Lighter Side - September 2010


A future food source for nano-bots, perhaps!? Read more here.


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