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MOCVD systems are GO - ACT Node - December 2014


Tuesday, 18 November saw the official opening of the two newly installed Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition (MOCVD) systems at the ACT Node by Senator Zed Seselja, Senator for the Australian Capital Territory. The event was attended by about 150 people, including representatives from the Federal Government, Department of Education, US Air Force Office of Scientific Research, US National Institutes of Health and many more. For more details click here.



State-of-the-Art FESEM for the ACT Node - December 2014


The new FEI Verios field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM) instrument was installed and commissioned at the ANFF ACT Node last month (remember the ‘mystery’ tool from last newsletter?). Our new Microanalysis Research Officer employed specifically for this new tool will commence in early 2015.

For more details click here.



Room Temperature Indium Phosphide Nanowire Lasers - September 2014


Near-infrared lasers are in great demand for a variety of applications including spectroscopy, optical communication and medical diagnosis and down scaling the footprint of infrared lasers to the nanoscale has significant outcomes for three-dimensional device integration. Qian Gao, a PhD student working at the Department of Electronic Materials Engineering in the Research School of Physics and Engineering at The Australian National University has reported successful growth of high quality InP nanowires of various diameters using selective area metal-organic vapour-phase epitaxy (previously reported in our September 2013 newsletter).

For more details click here.



COMMAD 2014 to be hosted in Perth,WA in December - June 2014


The next Conference on Optoelectronic and Microelectronic Materials and Devices (COMMAD) will be held at The University of Western Australia (UWA), in Perth, from 14 to 17 December 2014. COMMAD is the premier semiconductor and device materials conference in Australia, and is sponsored by several international organisations. For more details click here.



New Plasma Assisted Atomic Layer Deposition Tool - June 2014


The newly acquired PicoSun-Sunale plasma assisted atomic layer deposition tool (PA-ALD) has been in service since April 2014 at the ACT Node. Already five group training sessions have been organised and attracted more than 25 users. For more details click here.



A Nose for Business - March 2014


An artificial nose (previously reported in our June 2013 issue) based on micro-electro- mechanical systems (MEMS) is moving towards commercialisation due to a partnership between the Microelectronics Research Group (MRG) at the University of Western Australia (UWA) and the company Panorama Synergy. For more details click here.



ANU/UNSW Startup Company sells for $76 Million - March 2014


Lithicon AS, a company started by researchers at the Australian National University and UNSW has been sold for $76 million (US$68 million) to the US-based FEI Company. ANFF has supported the long time research effort that has led to the development of Lithicon AS. For more details click here.


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