Publications crediting ANFF

It is important to us that, if the facilities are used for research purposes, users acknowledge the ANFF in their publications as follows:


"This work was performed in part at the <ACT Node/WA Node - as appropriate> of the Australian National Fabrication Facility - a company established under the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy to provide nano and microfabrication facilities for Australia's researchers".


Alternative phrases could be: "This work has been made possible through the access to the <ACT Node/WA Node> of the Australian National Fabrication Facility" or just: “We acknowledge the support of the ANFF <ACT Node/WA Node> in carrying out this research”.


This is important as the publications metric is one of many key performance indicators (KPIs) that are used to report to Government and help us in gaining continuing funding to keep the facilities operational. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.



ACT Node - 2016


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Links to publications are dependent on appropriate access.

First author - H = ANU, E = external Australian university, I = international university/institution


  1. Yang, J.;  Wang, Z.;  Wang, F.;  Xu, R.;  Tao,. J;  Zhan,g S.;  Qin, Q.;  Luther-Davies, B.; 
    Jagadish, C.;  Yu, Z.;  Lu, Y.
    Atomically thin optical lenses and gratings.
    Light: Science & Applications 2016 ,
  • Rota, M.B.; Ameruddin, A.S.; H. Aruni Fonseka, H.A.; Gao, Mura, Polimeni, A.; Miriametro, A.;
    Tan, H.H.; Jagadish, C.; Capizzi, M.
    Bandgap Energy of Wurtzite InAs Nanowires
    Nano Letters 2016, 16, 5197-5203













  • Camacho-Morales, R.; Rahmani, M.; Kruk, S.; Wang, L.; Xu, L.; Smirnova, D.A.;
    Solntsev, A.S.; Miroshnichenko, A.; Tan, H.H.; Karouta, F.; Naureen, S.; Vora, K.;
    Carletti, L.; De Angelis, C.; Jagadish, C.; Kivshar, Y.S.; and Neshev, D.N.
    Nonlinear Generation of Vector Beams From AlGaAs Nanoantennas
    Nano Letters 2016, 16(11), 7191-7197









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