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In Focus – Tepla Gigabatch 300 Barrel Etcher - September 2015


Continuing our new series of articles focusing on tools available at the ACT Node, this quarter we look at one of the workhorses of our labs - the Barrel Etcher. Part of our suite of small processing tools purchased to supplement the ‘flagship’ tools, under the direction of the Node Manager Dr Fouad Karouta, this benchtop barrel etcher enhances the Node’s micro- and nano- fabrication capabilities.


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2015 New Scientist Eureka Prizes and more . . . - September 2015


Established in 1990 to reward outstanding achievements in Australian science and science communication the Eureka Prizes are Australia’s most comprehensive national science awards. The New Scientist Eureka Prizes are a unique partnership between government organisations, institutions, companies and individuals committed to Australian science.


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In Focus – our new FESEM - June 2015


Our newly acquired FEI Verios Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM) has provided ANFF ACT Node with several unique imaging and analytical capabilities.


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A tiny tribute for the ANZAC Day centenary - June 2015


This unique tribute to the ANZACs (left) was made using the nanotechnology tools at the ACT Node of the Australian National Fabrication Facility ANFF. Atoms were fired into gold to create the tiny picture - the soldiers are thinner than a human hair and the bugle is the size of a red blood cell.


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Small lasers a big topic in nano-photonics - March 2015


In recent years there have been significant advances in the size and characteristics of small lasers, i.e. lasers with dimensions or modes sizes close to, or smaller than, the wavelength of emitted light. This work has primarily been led by innovative use of new materials and cavity designs. In a recently published review article in the journal Nature Photonics, Martin Hill (University of Western Australia) and Malte Gather (University of St Andrews) analysed the progress that has been made over the last few decades in the development of small lasers. Both the development time scales and size scales for the various laser types are shown, put in context and compared, in order to clarify how the magnitude and speed of miniaturisation in lasers is occurring. For more details click here.


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