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ACT Node - 2013


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  1. Bayu Aji L, Ruffell S, Haberl B, Bradby J, Williams J
    Correlation of indentation-induced phase transformations with the degree of relaxation of ion-implanted amorphous silicon.
    Journal of Materials Research 28, 8 (2013) 1056-1060.


  2. Barukin, C.; Macdonald, D.; Catchpole, K.R.; Wan, Y.
    Evaluating Plasmonic Light Trapping With Photoluminescence.
    IEEE Journal of Photovolaics, TBA (2013).


  3. Bierschenk T, Giulian R, Afra B, Rodriguez M, Schauries D, Mudie S, Pakarinen O, Djurabekova F, Nordlund K, Osmani O, Medvedev N, Rethfeld B, Ridgway M, Kluth P.
    Latent ion tracks in amorphous silicon.
    Physical Review B 88 (2013) 174111-1 - 174111-5.


  4. Burgess T, Breuer S, Caroff-Gaonac'h P, Wong-Leung J, Gao Q, Tan H, Jagadish C.
    Twinning superlattice formation in GaAs nanowires.
    ACS Nano 7, 9 (2013) 8105-8114.


  5. James Bullock, Di Yan, and Andrés Cuevas.
    Passivation of aluminium–n+ silicon contacts for solar cells by ultrathin Al2O3 and SiO2 dielectric layers.
    Phys. Status Solidi RRL, 1–4 (2013).


  6. Chen B, Gao Q, Chang L, Wang Y, Chen Z, Liao X, Tan H, Zou J, Ringer S, Jagadish C.
    Attraction of semiconductor nanowires: An in situ observation.
    Acta Materialia 61, 19 (2013) 7166-7172.


  7. Bin Chen, Qiang Gao, Yanbo Wang, Xiaozhou Liao, Yiu-Wing Mai, Hark Hoe Tan, Jin Zou, Simon P. Ringer, and Chennupati Jagadish.
    Anelastic Behavior in GaAs Semiconductor Nanowires.
    Nano Letters, 13 (7), pp 3169–3172 (2013).


  8. Bin Chen, Jun Wang, Qiang Gao, Yujie Chen, Xiaozhou Liao, Chunsheng Lu, Hark Hoe Tan, Yiu-Wing Mai, Jin Zou, Simon P. Ringer, Huajian Gao, and Chennupati Jagadish.
    Strengthening Brittle Semiconductor Nanowires through Stacking Faults: Insights from in Situ Mechanical Testing.
    Nano Letters, 13 (9), pp 4369–4373 (2013).


  9. Manuel Decker, Isabelle Staude, Ivan I. Shishkin, Kirill B. Samusev, Patrick Parkinson, Varun K. A. Sreenivasan, Alexander Minovich, Andrey E. Miroshnichenko, Andrei Zvyagin, Chennupati Jagadish, Dragomir N. Neshev & Yuri S. Kivshar.
    Dual-channel spontaneous emission of quantum dots in magnetic metamaterials.
    Nature Communications 4, Article number: 2949 doi:10.1038/ncomms3949 (2013).


  10. Du S, Burgess T, Gault B, Gao Q, Ringer S, Bao P, Li L, Cui X, Yeoh W, Liu H, Yao L, Ceguerra A, Tan H, Jagadish C, Ringer S, Zheng R.
    Quantitative dopant distributions in GaAs nanowires using atom probe tomography.
    Ultramicroscopy 132 (2013) 186-192.


  11. Du S, Burgess T, Loi S, Gault B, Gao Q, Bao P, Li L, Cui X, Yeoh W, Tan H, Jagadish C, Ringer S, Zheng R
    Full tip imaging in atom probe tomography.
    Ultramicroscopy 124 (2013) 96-101


  12. Elliman R, Nawaz M, Kim T, Venkatachalam D, Belay K, Ruffell S, Kurunczi P, England J
    Application of ion-implantation for improved non-volatile resistive random access memory (ReRAM).
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research: Section B 307 (2013) 98-101.


  13. Melodie Fickenscher, Teng Shi, Howard E. Jackson, and Leigh M. Smith, Jan M. Yarrison-Rice, Changlin Zheng, Peter Miller, and Joanne Etheridge, Bryan M. Wong, Qiang Gao, Shriniwas Deshpande, Hark Hoe Tan, and Chennupati Jagadish.
    Optical, Structural, and Numerical Investigations of GaAs/AlGaAs Core–Multishell Nanowire Quantum Well Tubes.
    Nano Letters, 13 (3), pp 1016–1022 (2013).


  14. H A Fonseka, H H Tan, J Wong-Leung, J H Kang, P Parkinson and C Jagadish.
    High vertical yield InP nanowire growth on Si(111) using a thin buffer layer.
    Nanotechnology 24 465602 (2013).


  15. E G Gamaly, L Rapp, V Roppo, S Juodkazis and A V Rode.
    Generation of high energy density by fs-laser-induced confined microexplosion.
    New Journal of Physics 15, 025018, 19pp (2013).(Note - no ANFF acknowledgment but accessed our facilities).


  16. E. G. Gamaly, A. V. Rode.
    Physics of ultra-short laser interaction with matter: From phonon excitation to ultimate transformations.
    Progress in Quantum Electronics 37, 215-323 2013).(Note - no ANFF acknowledgment but accessed our facilities).


  17. Ya-Nan Guo, Timothy Burgess, Qiang Gao, H. Hoe Tan, Chennupati Jagadish, and Jin Zou.
    Polarity-driven Nonuniform Composition in InGaAs Nanowires.
    Nano Letters, 13 (11), pp 5085–5089 (2013).


  18. Ya-Nan Guo, Hong-Yi Xu, Graeme J. Auchterlonie, Tim Burgess, Hannah J. Joyce, Qiang Gao, Hark Hoe Tan, Chennupati Jagadish, Hai-Bo Shu, Xiao-Shuang Chen, Wei Lu, Yong Kim, and Jin Zou.
    Phase Separation Induced by Au Catalysts in Ternary InGaAs Nanowires.
    Nano Letters, 13 (2), pp 643–650 (2013).


  19. Haberl B, Guthrie M, Sprouster D, Williams J, Bradby J
    New insight into pressure-induced phase transitions of amorphous silicon: the role of impurities.
    Journal of Applied Crystallography 46, 3 (2013) 758-768.


  20. Gretel K. Heber, Stephen A. Holt and Gregory A. Hope.
    Characterisation of the Deposition of n-octanohydroxamate on Copper Surfaces.
    ECS Transactions, 50(52) 23-33 (2013).


  21. N. Jiang, Q. Gao, P. Parkinson, J. Wong-Leung, S. Mokkapati, S. Breuer, H. H. Tan, C. L. Zheng, J. Etheridge, and C. Jagadish.
    Enhanced Minority Carrier Lifetimes in GaAs/AlGaAs Core–Shell Nanowires through Shell Growth Optimization.
    Nano Letters, 13 (11), pp 5135–5140 (2013).


  22. Joyce H, Docherty C, Gao Q, Tan H, Jagadish C, Lloyd-Hughes J, Herz L, Johnston M
    Electronic properties of GaAs, InAs and InP nanowires studied by terahertz spectroscopy.
    Nanotechnology 24, 21 (2013) 7.


  23. Karar A, Tan C, Alameh K, Lee Y, Karouta F
    Metal nano-grating optimization for higher responsivity plasmonic-based GaAs metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector.
    Journal of Lightwave Technology 31, 7 (2013) 1088-1092.


  24. Kruk S, Helgert C, Decker M, Staude I, Menzel C, Etrich C, Rockstuhl C, Jagadish C, Pertsch T, Neshev D, Kivshar Y.
    Optical metamaterials with quasicrystalline symmetry: Symmetry-induced optical isotropy.
    Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials 88, 20 (2013).


  25. Lei W, Tan H, Jagadish C
    Engineering the composition, morphology, and optical properties of InAsSb nanostructures via graded growth technique.
    Applied Physics Letters 102, 3 (2013).


  26. Little D, Kuruwita R, Joyce A, Gao Q, Burgess T, Jagadish C, Kane D.
    Phase-stepping interferometry of GaAs nanowires: Determining nano-wire radius.
    Applied Physics Letters 103, 16 (2013) 161107.


  27. Lysevych M, Tan H, Karouta F, Fu L, Jagadish C
    Merged beam laser design for reduction of gain-saturation and two-photon absorption in high power single mode semiconductor lasers.
    Optics Express 21, 7 (2013) 8276-8285.


  28. Ma P, Choi D, Yu Y, Gai X, Yang Z, Debbarma S, Madden S, Luther-Davies B.
    Low-loss chalcogenide waveguides for chemical sensing in the mid-infrared.
    Optics Express 21, 24 (2013) 29927-29937.


  29. McKerracher I, Fu L, Tan H, Jagadish C
    Integration of bandpass guided-mode resonance filters with mid-wavelength infrared photodetectors.
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 46, 9 (2013) 1-8.


  30. Minovich A, Miroshnichenko A, Neshev D.
    Electro-optical switching by liquid-crystal controlled metasurfaces.
    Biomedical Optics Express 21, 7 (2013) 8879-8885.


  31. Mironov E, Li Z, Vora K, Tan H, Jagadish C, Hattori H.
    Titanium nano-antenna for high-power pulsed operation.
    Journal of Lightwave Technology 31, 15 (2013) 2459-2466.


  32. Paiman S, Gao Q, Tan H, Jagadish C, Zhang X, Zou J.
    Effects of growth rate on InP nanowires morphology and crystal structure.
    Journal of Crystal Growth 383 (2013) 100-105.

  33. Patrick Parkinson, Yu-Heng Lee, Lan Fu, Steffen Breuer, Hark Hoe Tan, and Chennupati Jagadish.
    Three-Dimensional in Situ Photocurrent Mapping for Nanowire Photovoltaics.
    Nano Letters, 13 (4), pp 1405–1409 (2013).


  34. Saranga Perera, Teng Shi, Melodie A. Fickenscher, Howard E. Jackson, and Leigh M. Smith, Jan M. Yarrison-Rice, Suriati Paiman, Qiang Gao, Hark Hoe Tan, and Chennupati Jagadish.
    Illuminating the Second Conduction Band and Spin–Orbit Energy in Single Wurtzite InP Nanowires.
    Nano Letters, 13 (11), pp 5367–5372 (2013).


  35. R. RafieiŽ, M. I. Reinhard, A. Sarbutt, S. Uxa, D. Boardman, G. C. Watt, E. Belas, K. Kim, A. E. Bolotnikov, and R. B. James.
    Characterization of CdMnTe radiation detectors using current and charge transients.
    Journal of Semiconductors Volume: 34 Issue: 7 Pages: 073001-1 - 073001-7 (2013).


  36. R. Rafiei, M. I. Reinhard, K. Kim, D. A. Prokopovich, D. Boardman, A. Sarbutt, G. C. Watt, A. E. Bolotnikov, L. J. Bignell, and R. B. James.
    High-Purity CdMnTe Radiation Detectors: A High-Resolution Spectroscopic Evaluation
    IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, Vol. 60 No. 2 1450-1456 (2013).


  37. Sakandar Rauf, Muhammad J. A. Shiddiky, Matt Trauab and Krassen Dimitrov.
    "Drill and fill" lithography: fabrication of platinum electrodes and their use in label-free immunosensing.
    RSC Advances Volume: 3 Issue: 13 Pages: 4189-4192.


  38. M.C. Ridgway, T. Bierschenk, R. Giulian, B. Afra, M.D. Rodriguez, L.L. Araujo, A.P. Byrne, N. Kirby, O.H. Pakarinen, F. Djurabekova, K. Nordlund,M. Schleberger, O. Osmani, N. Medvedev, B. Rethfeld, and P. Kluth.
    Tracks and Voids in Amorphous Ge Induced by Swift Heavy-Ion Irradiation.
    Physical Review Letters Volume: 110 Issue: 24 Article Number: 245502 (2013).


  39. Dhruv Saxena, Sudha Mokkapati, Patrick Parkinson, Nian Jiang, Qiang Gao, Hark Hoe Tan & Chennupati Jagadish.
    Optically pumped room-temperature GaAs nanowire lasers.
    Nature Photonics, doi:10.1038/nphoton.2013.303 (2013).


  40. Staude I, Decker M, Ventura M, Jagadish C, Neshev D, Gu M, Kivshar Y
    Hybrid high-resolution three-dimensional nanofabrication for metamaterials and nanoplasmonics.
    Advanced Materials 25, 9 (2013) 1260-1264.


  41. Sun W, Guo Y, Xu H, Gao Q, Tan H, Jagadish C, Zou J.
    Polarity driven simultaneous growth of free-standing and lateral GaAsP epitaxial nanowires on GaAs (001) substrate.
    Applied Physics Letters 103, 22 (2013).


  42. Sun W, Guo Y, Xu H, Liao Z, Gao Q, Tan H, Jagadish C, Zou J.
    Unequal P distribution in nanowires and the planar layer during GaAsP growth on GaAs {111}B by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition.
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117, 37 (2013) 19234-19238.


  43. Tan H, Jagadish C.
    Preferential nucleation and growth of InAs/GaAs(001) quantum dots on defected sites by droplet epitaxy.
    Scripta Materialia 69, 8 (2013) 638-641.


  44. Ullah A, Joyce H, Burke A, Wong-Leung J, Tan H, Jagadish C, Micolich A.
    Electronic comparison of InAs wurtzite and zincblende phases using nanowire transistors.
    Physica Status Solidi: Rapid Research Letters 7, 10 (2013) 911-914.


  45. Vu K, Yan K, Jin Z, Gai X, Choi D, Debbarma S, Luther-Davies B, Madden S
    Hybrid waveguide from As2S3 and Er-doped TeO2 for lossless nonlinear optics.
    Optics Letters 38, 11 (2013) 1766-1768.


  46. Fan Wang, Wen Jun Toe, Woei Ming Lee, David McGloin, Qiang Gao, Hark Hoe Tan, Chennupati Jagadish, and Peter J. Reece.
    Resolving Stable Axial Trapping Points of Nanowires in an Optical Tweezers Using Photoluminescence Mapping.
    Nano Letters, 13 (3), pp 1185–1191 (2013).


  47. Xu H, Guo Y, Liao Z, Sun W, Gao Q, Tan H, Jagadish C, Zou J
    Catalyst size dependent growth of Pd-catalyzed one-dimensional InAs nanostructures.
    Applied Physics Letters 102, 20 (2013).


  48. Chaw Keong Yong, Jennifer Wong-Leung, Hannah J. Joyce, James Lloyd-Hughes, Qiang Gao, H. Hoe Tan, Chennupati Jagadish, Michael B. Johnston, and Laura M. Herz.
    Direct Observation of Charge-Carrier Heating at WZ–ZB InP Nanowire Heterojunctions.
    Nano Letters, 13 (9), pp 4280–4287 (2013).


  49. Zheng C, Wong-Leung J, Gao Q, Tan H, Jagadish C, Etheridge J.
    Polarity-driven 3-fold symmetry of GaAs/AlGaAs core multishell nanowires.
    Nano Letters 13, 8 (2013) 3742-3748.

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Conference Papers - 2013


  1. Kean Chern Fong, Kho Teng, Keith R Mcintosh, Andrew W Blakers, Evan Franklin, Ngwe Zin, Andreas Fell.
    Optimisation of N+ Diffusion and Contact Size of IBC Solar Cells.
    28th EU PVSEC, Paris, September 2013. (Note - no ANFF acknowledgment but accessed our facilities).


  2. Gao Q, Jiang N, Joyce H, Paiman S, Wong-Leung J, Lee Y, Fu L, Tan H, Jagadish C.
    Compound semiconductor nanowires for optoelectronic devices.
    The 10th Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Pacific Rim(CLEO-PR 2013)(2013).


  3. Jiang N, Gao Q, Parkinson P, Wong-Leung J, Tan H, Jagadish C.
    High performance GaAs/AlGaAs radial heterostructure nanowires grown by MOCVD.
    2013 26th IEEE Photonics Conference, IPC 2013 (2013) 476-477.


  4. Joyce H, Docherty C, Yong C, Wong-Leung J, Gao Q, Paiman S, Tan H, Jagadish C, Lloyd-Hughes J, Hertz L, Johnston M.
    Measuring the electrical properties of semiconductor nanowires using terahertz conductivity spectroscopy.
    SPIE Micro+Nano Materials, Devices, and Applications 2013 Conference (2013).


  5. Ludovic Rapp, Bianca Haberl, Jodie E. Bradby, Eugene G. Gamaly, Saulius Juodkazis and Andrei V. Rode.
    Selective Localised Modification of Silicon Crystal by Ultrafast Laser Induced Micro-Explosion.
    Proceedings of SPIE 8607-16, Laser Applications in Microelectronic and Optoelectronic Manufacturing (LAMOM) XVIII p. 86070H(1-6),(2013).


  6. Vora K, Karouta F, Jagadish C.
    Nanostencil Lithography for fabrication of III-V nanostructures.
    Nanoengineering: Fabrication, Properties, Optics, and Devices X,(2013) 88161B-1 - 88161B-7.

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