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ACT Node - 2014


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  1. Allen, T. G.; Cuevas, A.
    Electronic passivation of silicon surfaces by thin films of atomic layer deposited gallium oxide.
    Applied Physics Letters 2014, 105 (3), 4.


  2. Bao, P. T.; Wang, Y. B.; Cui, X. Y.; Gao, Q.; Yen, H. W.; Liu, H. W.; Yeoh, W. K.; Liao, X. Z.; Du, S. C.; Tan, H. H.; Jagadish, C.; Zou, J.; Ringer, S. P.; Zheng, R. K.
    Atomic-scale observation of parallel development of super elasticity and reversible plasticity in GaAs nanowires.
    Applied Physics Letters 2014, 104 (2), 4


  3. Booker, K.; Brauers, M.; Crisp, E.; Rahman, S.; Weber, K.; Stocks, M.; Blakers, A.
    Metal-assisted chemical etching for very high aspect ratio grooves in n-type silicon wafers.
    Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 2014, 24 (12), 6.


  4. Bullock, J.; Cuevas, A.; Allen, T.; Battaglia, C.
    Molybdenum oxide MoOx: A versatile hole contact for silicon solar cells.
    Applied Physics Letters 2014, 105 (23), 5.


  5. Bullock, J.; Cuevas, A.; Yan, D.; Demaurex, B.; Hessler-Wyser, A.; De Wolf, S.
    Amorphous silicon enhanced metal-insulator-semiconductor contacts for silicon solar cells.
    Journal of Applied Physics 2014, 116 (16), 9.


  6. Bullock, J.; Yan, D.; Wan, Y.; Cuevas, A.; Demaurex, B.; Hessler-Wyser, A.; De Wolf, S.
    Amorphous silicon passivated contacts for diffused junction silicon solar cells.
    Journal of Applied Physics 2014, 115 (16), 7.


  7. Carrad, D. J.; Burke, A. M.; Lyttleton, R. W.; Joyce, H. J.; Tan, H. H.; Jagadish, C.; Storm, K.; Linke, H.; Samuelson, L.; Micolich, A. P.

    Electron-Beam Patterning of Polymer Electrolyte Films To Make Multiple Nanoscale Gates for Nanowire Transistors.
    Nano Letters 2014, 14 (1), 94-100.


  8. Chan, K. S.; Ton-That, C.; Vines, L.; Choi, S.; Phillips, M. R.; Svensson, B. G.; Jagadish, C.; Wong-Leung, J.
    Effects of high temperature annealing on defects and luminescence properties in H implanted ZnO.
    Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics 2014, 47 (34), 6.


  9. Chen, Z. B.; Lei, W.; Chen, B.; Wang, Y. B.; Liao, X. Z.; Tan, H. H.; Zou, J.; Ringer, S. P.; Jagadish, C.
    Elemental diffusion during the droplet epitaxy growth of In(Ga)As/GaAs(001) quantum dots by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition.
    Applied Physics Letters 2014, 104 (2), 5.


  10. Cobas, R.; Munoz-Perez, S.; Cadogan, S.; Ridgeway, M.; Obradors, X.
    Surface Charge Reversal Method for High-Resolution Inkjet Printing of Functional Water-Based Inks.
    Advanced Functional Materials 2014, 25 (5), 768-775.


  11. De Luca, M.; Polimeni, A.; Fonseka, H. A.; Meaney, A. J.; Christianen, P. C. M.; Maan, J. C.; Paiman, S.; Tan, H. H.; Mura, F.; Jagadish, C.; Capizzi, M.
    Magneto-Optical Properties of Wurtzite-Phase InP Nanowires.
    Nano Letters 2014, 14 (8), 4250-4256.


  12. Deshmukh, S.; Haberl, B.; Ruffell, S.; Munroe, P.; Williams, J. S.; Bradby, J. E.
    Phase transformation pathways in amorphous germanium under indentation pressure.
    Journal of Applied Physics 2014, 115 (15), 10.


  13. H. Aruni Fonseka, Philippe Caroff, Jennifer Wong-Leung, Amira S. Ameruddin, Hark Hoe Tan, and Chennupati Jagadish
    Nanowires Grown on InP (100): Growth Directions, Facets, Crystal Structures, and Relative Yield Control
    ACS Nano, Article ASAP DOI: 10.1021/nn5017428


  14. Gai, X.; Choi, D. Y.; Luther-Davies, B.
    Negligible nonlinear absorption in hydrogenated amorphous silicon at 1.55 mu m for ultra-fast nonlinear signal processing.
    Optics Express 2014, 22 (8), 9948-9958.


  15. Gamaly, E. G.; Rode, A. V.
    Transient optical properties of dielectrics and semiconductors excited by an ultrashort laser pulse.
    Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics 2014, 31 (11), C36-C43.


  16. Gao, Q.; Saxena, D.; Wang, F.; Fu, L.; Mokkapati, S.; Guo, Y. A.; Li, L.; Wong-Leung, J.; Caroff, P.; Tan, H. H.;
    Jagadish, C.
    Selective-Area Epitaxy of Pure Wurtzite InP Nanowires: High Quantum Efficiency and Room-Temperature Lasing.
    Nano Letters 2014, 14 (9), 5206-5211.


  17. Jiang, N.; Wong-Leung, J.; Joyce, H. J.; Gao, Q.; Tan, H. H.; Jagadish, C.
    Understanding the True Shape of Au-Catalyzed GaAs Nanowires.
    Nano Letters 2014, 14 (10), 5865-5872.


  18. Joyce, H. J.; Parkinson, P.; Jiang, N.; Docherty, C. J.; Gao, Q.; Tan, H. H.; Jagadish, C.; Herz, L. M.; Johnston, M. B.
    Electron Mobilities Approaching Bulk Limits in "Surface-Free" GaAs Nanowires.
    Nano Letters 2014, 14 (10), 5989-5994.


  19. Fouad Karouta
    A practical approach to reactive ion etching
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 2014 Volume 47 Number 23 doi:10.1088/0022-3727/47/23/233501


  20. Kiran, M.; Haberl, B.; Williams, J. S.; Bradby, J. E.
    Temperature dependent deformation mechanisms in pure amorphous silicon.
    Journal of Applied Physics 2014, 115 (11), 10.


  21. Kruk, S. S.; Decker, M.; Staude, I.; Schlecht, S.; Greppmair, M.; Neshev, D. N.; Kivshar, Y. S.
    Spin-Polarized Photon Emission by Resonant Multipolar Nanoantennas.
    ACS Photonics 2014, 1 (11), 1218-1223.


  22. Laucht, A.; Kalra, R.; Muhonen, J. T.; Dehollain, J. P.; Mohiyaddin, F. A.; Hudson, F.; McCallum, J. C.; Jamieson, D. N.; Dzurak, A. S.; Morello, A.
    High-fidelity adiabatic inversion of a P-31 electron spin qubit in natural silicon.
    Applied Physics Letters 2014, 104 (9), 4.


  23. Lee, J. S.; Jang, C. W.; Kim, J. M.; Shin, D. H.; Kim, S.; Choi, S.-H.; Belay, K.; Elliman, R. G.
    Graphene synthesis by C implantation into Cu foils.
    Carbon 2014, 66, 267-271.


  24. Liang, W. S.; Weber, K. J.; Thomson, A. F.
    Effective SiNx:H Capping Layers on 1-nm Al2O3 for p(+) Surface Passivation.
    IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics 2014, 4 (6), 1405-1412.


  25. Lim, H.; Stavrias, N.; Johnson, B. C.; Marvel, R. E.; Haglund, R. F.; McCallum, J. C.
    Optical switching and photoluminescence in erbium-implanted vanadium dioxide thin films.
    Journal of Applied Physics 2014, 115 (9).


  26. Liu, L. M.; Chen, W. C.; Powell, D. A.; Padilla, W. J.; Karouta, F.; Hattori, H. T.; Neshev, D. N.; Shadrivov, I. V.
    Post-processing approach for tuning multi-layered metamaterials.
    Applied Physics Letters 2014, 105 (15), 4.


  27. Liming Liu, Haroldo T. Hattori, Evgeny G. Mironov, and Abdul Khaleque

    Composite chromium and graphene oxide as saturable absorber in ytterbium-doped Q-switched fiber lasers

    Applied Optics, Vol. 53, Issue 6, pp. 1173-1180 (2014)


  28. Liu, X.; Nandi, S. K.; Venkatachalam, D. K.; Belay, K.; Song, S.; Elliman, R. G.
    Reduced Threshold Current in NbO2 Selector by Engineering Device Structure.
    IEEE Electron Device Letters 2014, 35 (10), 1055-1057.


  29. Lysevych, M.; Tan, H. H.; Karouta, F.; Jagadish, C.
    Effect of active region position in Fabry-Perot single transverse mode broad-waveguide InGaAsP/InP lasers.
    Optics Express 2014, 22 (7), 8156-8164.


  30. Jonathan P. Mailoa, Austin J. Akey, Christie B. Simmons, David Hutchinson, Jay Mathews, Joseph T. Sullivan, Daniel Recht, Mark T. Winkler, James S. Williams, Jeffrey M. Warrender, Peter D. Persans, Michael J. Aziz & Tonio Buonassisi
    Room-temperature sub-band gap optoelectronic response of hyperdoped silicon
    Nature Communications 5, Article number: 3011 doi:10.1038/ncomms4011


  31. McKerracher, I.; Fu, L.; Tan, H. H.; Jagadish, C.
    Spectral tuning of InGaAs/GaAs quantum dot infrared photodetectors with bandpass guided-mode resonance filters.
    Physica Status Solidi-Rapid Research Letters 2014, 8 (1), 69-73.


  32. Menelaou, C.; Tierney, S.; Blouin, N.; Mitchell, W.; Tiwana, P.; McKerracher, I.; Jagadish, C.; Carrasco, M.; Herz, L. M.
    Effect of Nanocrystalline Domains in Photovoltaic Devices with Benzodithiophene-Based Donor-Acceptor Copolymers.
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2014, 118 (31), 17351-17361.


  33. Mironov, E. G.; Khaleque, A.; Liu, L. M.; Maksymov, I. S.; Hattori, H. T.
    Enhancing Weak Optical Signals Using a Plasmonic Yagi-Uda Nanoantenna Array.
    IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 2014, 26 (22), 2236-2239.

  1. Morrison, B.; Marpaung, D.; Pant, R.; Li, E.; Choi, D.-Y.; Madden, S.; Luther-Davies, B.; Eggleton, B. J.
    Tunable microwave photonic notch filter using on-chip stimulated Brillouin scattering.
    Optics Communications 2014, 313, 85-89.


  2. Mouskeftaras, A.; Rode, A. V.; Clady, R.; Sentis, M.; Uteza, O.; Grojo, D.
    Self-limited underdense microplasmas in bulk silicon induced by ultrashort laser pulses.
    Applied Physics Letters 2014, 105 (19).


  3. Pagani, M.; Marpaung, D.; Choi, D.-Y.; Madden, S. J.; Luther-Davies, B.; Eggleton, B. J.
    Tunable wideband microwave photonic phase shifter using on-chip stimulated Brillouin scattering.
    Optics Express 2014, 22 (23), 28810-28818.


  4. Rapp, L.; Haberl, B.; Bradby, J. E.; Gamaly, E. G.; Williams, J. S.; Rode, A. V.
    Confined micro-explosion induced by ultrashort laser pulse at SiO2/Si interface.
    Applied Physics a-Materials Science & Processing 2014, 114 (1), 33-43.


  5. Ratcliff, T.; Fong, K. C.; Shalav, A.; Elliman, R.; Blakers, A.
    The effect of annealing ambient on carrier recombination in boron implanted silicon.
    Physica Status Solidi-Rapid Research Letters 2014, 8 (10), 827-830.


  6. Saleh, M. N.; Venkatachalam, D. K.; Elliman, R. G.
    Effect of crystallization on the reliability of unipolar resistive-switching in HfO2-based dielectrics.
    Current Applied Physics 2014, 14, S88-S92.


  7. Shalav, A.; Elliman, R. G.
    Metallic surface doping of SiOx nanowires.
    International Journal of Nanotechnology 2014, 11 (5-8), 594-600.


  8. Shrestha, V. R.; Lee, S. S.; Kim, E. S.; Choi, D. Y.
    Aluminum Plasmonics Based Highly Transmissive Polarization-Independent Subtractive Color Filters Exploiting a Nanopatch Array.
    Nano Letters 2014, 14 (11), 6672-6678.


  9. Shrestha, V. R.; Lee, S. S.; Kim, E. S.; Choi, D. Y.
    Non-iridescent Transmissive Structural Color Filter Featuring Highly Efficient Transmission and High Excitation Purity.
    Scientific Reports 2014, 4, 8.


  10. Staude, I.; Sreenivasan, V. K. A.; Shishkin, I.; Samusev, K.; Decker, M.; Neshev, D. N.; Zvyagin, A. V.; Kivshar, Y. S.
    Selective placement of quantum dots on nanoscale areas of metal-free substrates.
    Physica Status Solidi-Rapid Research Letters 2014, 8 (8), 710-713.


  11. Tischler, N.; Fernandez-Corbaton, I.; Zambrana-Puyalto, X.; Minovich, A.; Vidal, X.; Juan, M. L.; Molina-Terriza, G.
    Experimental control of optical helicity in nanophotonics.
    Light-Science & Applications 2014, 3.


  12. Vos, M.; Liu, X.; Grande, P. L.; Nandi, S. K.; Venkatachalam, D. K.; Elliman, R. G.
    The use of electron Rutherford backscattering to characterize novel electronic materials as illustrated by a case study of sputter-deposited NbOx films.
    Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section B-Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 2014, 340, 58-62.


  13. Wang, Y.; Jackson, H. E.; Smith, L. M.
    Carrier Thermalization Dynamics in Single Zincblende and Wurtzite InP Nanowires.
    Nano Letters 2014, 14 (12), 7153-7160.


  14. Wong, S.; Shalav, A.; Ruffell, S.; Bradby, J. E.; Field, M. R.; McCulloch, D. G.; Elliman, R. G.
    Formation of ordered arrays of gold particles by nanoindentation templating.
    Physica Status Solidi-Rapid Research Letters 2014, 8 (1), 48-51.


  15. Yu, Y.; Gai, X.; Ma, P.; Choi, D. Y.; Yang, Z. Y.; Wang, R. P.; Debbarma, S.; Madden, S. J.; Luther-Davies, B.
    A broadband, quasi-continuous, mid-infrared supercontinuum generated in a chalcogenide glass waveguide.
    Laser & Photonics Reviews 2014, 8 (5), 792-798.


  16. Zhang, Y.; Schroeder, J.; Husko, C.; Lefrancois, S.; Choi, D. Y.; Madden, S.; Luther-Davies, B.; Eggleton, B. J.
    Pump-degenerate phase-sensitive amplification in chalcogenide waveguides.
    Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics 2014, 31 (4), 780-787.


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Conference Presentations 2014


  1. T. Allen, J. Bullock, A. Cuevas, S. Baker-Finch, F. Karouta
    Reactive ion etched black silicon texturing: A comparative study.
    Photovoltaic Specialist Conference (PVSC), 2014 IEEE 40th


  2. B.C. Johnson, L. Deam, K.K. Lee, S. Rubanov, J.C. McCallum
    Solid phase epitaxial regrowth of germanium containing nanoporous structures formed by ion implantation
    27th International Conference on Defects in Semiconductors (ICDS)


  3. I.V. Kabakova, T.F.S. Buettner, M. Merklein, D.Y. Choi, S. Madden, B. Luther-Davies, B. J Eggleton
    Advances in chip-based Brillouin sources.
    2014 Optoelectronics and Communications Conference and Australian Conference on Optical Fibre Technology


  4. J. Mailoa, A. Akey, C. Simmons, D. Hutchinson, J. Mathews, J. Sullivan, D. Recht, M. Winkler, J. Williams, J. Warrender, P. Persans, M. Aziz, T. Buonassisi.
    Hyperdoped Silicon Sub-Band Gap Photoresponse for an Intermediate Band Solar Cell in Silicon.
    Photovoltaic Specialist Conference (PVSC), 2014 IEEE 40th


  5. S. Mokkapati, N. Jiang, D. Saxena, H. Tan, C. Jagadish
    High quantum efficiency (Al)GaAs nanowires for optoelectronic devices.
    Photonics Society Summer Topical Meeting Series (IEEE), 2014


  6. S. Mokkapati, D. Saxena, N. Jiang, Q. Gao, H. Tan, C. Jagadish
    III-V semiconductor nanowire lasers.
    2014 IEEE International Semiconductor Laser Conference


  7. T. Ratcliff, A. Shalav, K.C. Fong, R. Elliman, A. Blakers
    Influence of implantation damage on emitter recombination.
    Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Crystalline Silicon 2014


  8. X. Yang, R. Mueller, A. Shalav, L. Xu, W. Liang, R. Zhang, Q. Bi, K. Weber, D. Macdonald, R.  Elliman
    Boron implanted, laser annealed p(+) emitter for n-type interdigitated back-contact solar cells.

    Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Crystalline Silicon 2014

ACMM23 and ICONN2014 - 2-6 February 2014, Adelaide South Australia


  1. Leonardus B. Bayu Aji*, B. Haberl, S. Wong, J. S. Williams, and J. E. Bradby (poster)
    Contribution of defects to the structural relaxation of amorphous silicon – a two-step process
    *Corresponding author: Email leonardus.aji@anu.edu.au


  2. Tim Burgess*, Steffen Breuer, Philippe Caroff, Jennifer Wong-Leung, Qiang Gao, H. Hoe Tan and Chennupati Jagadish (oral)
    Twinning Superlattices in p-type GaAs Nanowires
    *Corresponding author: Email tim.burgess@anu.edu.au


  3. H. A. Fonseka*, P. Caroff, J. Wong-Leung, H. H. Tan, S. Paiman and C. Jagadish (poster)
    Improvement of Vertical Yield of Nanowires Grown on InP (100) Substrate by Tuning Pre-growth Annealing Conditions
    *Corresponding author: Email axf109@physics.anu.edu.au


  4. H. A. Fonseka*, J. Wong-Leung, P. Caroff, H. H. Tan, A. S. Ameruddin and C. Jagadish (oral)
    Facets and Growth Directions of Nanowires Grown on InP (100) substrates
    *Corresponding author: Email axf109@physics.anu.edu.au


  5. Y. N. Guo, H. Y. Xu, G. J. Auchterlonie, T. Burgess, H. J. Joyce, Q. Gao, H. H. Tan, C. Jagadish, H. B. Shu, X. S. Chen, W. Lu, Y. Kim, and J. Zou,* (oral)
    Complex inhomogeneity in InxGa1-xAs ternary nanowires
    *Corresponding author: Email j.zou@uq.edu.au


  6. N. Jiang*, Q. Gao, P. Parkinson, J. Wong-Leung, S. Mokkapati, S. Breuer, H. H. Tan, C. L. Zheng, J. Etheridge and C. Jagadish (oral)
    Interdiffusion at heterointerface on optical properties of GaAs/AlGaAs core-shell nanowires
    *Corresponding author: Email nxj109@physics.anu.edu.au


  7. L. Li*, Qian. Gao, N. Shahid, K. Vora, F. Karouta, L. Fu, H. H. Tan, and C. Jagadish (poster)
    Optimization of mask patterning for growing InP nanowires by focused ion beam processing
    *Corresponding author: Email lily.li@anu.edu.au


  8. Mironov, E.G.*, Liming Liu, Khaleque, A., Toe, W.J., Reece, P.J., andHattori, H.T.

    Enhancing the performance of graphene oxide saturable absorbers by adding chromium and titanium to ytterbium doped Q-switched fiber laser

    *Corresponding author: E.Mironov@adfa.edu.au

  9. S. Mokkapati*, D. Saxena, Nian Jiang, H. A. Fonseka, H. H. Tan and C. Jagadish (oral)
    Integration of nanowires with plasmonic cavities for high efficiency optoelectronic devices
    *Corresponding author: Email sudha.mokkapati@anu.edu.au


  10. K.D. Vora*, N. Shahid, C. Jagadish and F. Karouta (poster)
    Fabrication of nanostructures using glancing-angle-deposition for plasmonics applications
    *Corresponding author: Email kaushal.vora@anu.edu.au


  11. J. Wong-Leung*, Changlin Zheng, Joanne Etheridge, Michael Gao, Hark Hoe Tan and C. Jagadish (oral)
    Understanding polarity driven issues and AlGaAs shell growth on core GaAs nanowires
    *Corresponding author: Email jenny.wongleung@anu.edu.au

COMMAD 2014 - 14-17 December 2014, The University of Western Australia, Perth Western Australia


  1. D.J Carrad*, A.M. Burke, S. Fahlvik Svenson, R.W. Lyttleton, H.J. Joyce, H.H. Tan, C. Jagadish, K Storm, L. Samuelson, H Linke and A. P. Micolich

    Nanoscale polymer electrolytes: Fabrication and applications of using nanowire transistors

    *Corresponding author: email damon.carrad@nanoelectronics.physics.unsw.edu.au

  1. H.A. Fonseka*, P. Caroff, Y. Guo, F. Wang, J. Wong-Leung, H.H. Tan and C. Jagadish
    InP-Based Radial Heterostructures Grownon [100] Nanowires
    *Corresponding author: Email afx109@physics.anu.edu.au


  2. Q. Gao, L. Fu*, F. Wang, Y. Guo, Z.Y. Li, Peng. K, L. Li, Z. Li, Y. Wenas, S. Mokkapati, H.H. Tan and
    C. Jagadish
    Selective area epitaxial growth of InP nanowire array for solar cell applications
    *Corresponding author: Email lan.fu@anu.edu.au

  1. N. Jiang*, J. Wong-Leung, Qiang Gao, H.H. Tan and C. Jagadish
    Sidewall evolution in VLS grown GaAs Nanowires
    *Corresponding author: Email jenny.nianjiang@anu.edu.au


  2. S. Li*, X. Liu, S.K. Nandi, D.K Venkatachalam, R.G. Elliman
    Temperature Depenence of Threshhold Switching in NbOx Thin Films
    *Corresponding author: Email shuai.li@anu.edu.au


  3. H.Lim*, B.C. Johson, R.E. Marvel, R.F. Hagland and J.C. McCallum
    Optical Spectroscopy of Erbium doped Monocrystalline Vanadium Dioxide
    *Corresponding author: Email mail@heriantlim.com


  4. X. Liu*, S.N. Nandi, D.K. Venkatachalam, S. Li, K. Belay and R.G. Elliman
    Finaite Element Modeling of Resistive Switching in Nb2O5-based Memory Device
    *Corresponding author: Email tjuxliu@yahoo.com

  1. M. Lysevych*, H.H. Tan, F. Karouta and C. Jagadish
    Positioning of the active region broad-waveguide laser for optimized hole injection
    *Corresponding author: Email mykhaylo.lysevych@anu.edu.au

  1. S.K Nandi*, X. Liu, S. Li, D.K. Venkatachalam, K. Belay and R.G. Elliman
    Resistive Switching Behaviour in HfO2 with Nb as an Oxygen Exchange Layer
    *Corresponding author: Email sanjoy.nandi@anu.edu.au

  1. S. Naureen*, N. Shahid, K. Vora, M. Lysevych, H.H. Tan, C. Jagadish and F. Karouta
    Top-down approach for fabricating InP nanowires with Ohmic metal contacts
    *Corresponding author: Email shagufta.naureen@anu.edu.au

  1. N. Parvathala Reddy*, S. Naureen, F. Wang, K. Vora, N. Shahid, F. Karouta, H.H. Tan and C. Jagadish
    Fabrication and Photoluminescence Studies of GaN Nanopillars
    *Corresponding author: Email parvathala.narangari@anu.edu.au


  2. K.Peng*, P. Parkinson, L. Fu, Q. Gao, Y-N Gao, F. Wang, H.J. Joyce, J.L. Boland, M.B. Johnston, H.H. Tan, and C. Jagadish
    Single GaAs/AlGaAs Nanowire Photoconductive Terahertz Detectors
    *Corresponding author: Email kun.peng@anu.edu.au

  1. M. Stuiber*, L.H. Willems van Beveren, B.C. Johnson, W.M. Weber, A Heinzig, J. Beister, D.N. Jamieson and J.C McCallum
    Development of Nanowire Devices with Quantum Functionalities
    *Corresponding author: Email mstuiber@student.unimelb.edu.au


  2. A.R. Ullah*, H.J. Joyce, A.M. Burke, J. Wong-Leung, H.H. Tan, C. Jagadish and A.P Micolich
    How InAs Crystal Phase affects the Electrical Performance of InAs Nanowire FETs
    *Corresponding author: Email rifat@ieee.org & adam.micolich@gmail.com

  1. F. Wang*, Q. Gao, K. Peng, Y. Guo, Z. Li, L Morris Smith, H.H. Tan, and C. Jagadish
    Measurement of doping concentration, internal quantum efficiency and non-radiative lifetime of InP nanowires
    *Corresponding author: Email fan.wang@anu.edu.au

  1. Y.C. Wenas*, S. Mokkapati, H.H. Tan and C. Jagadish
    Extremely High Short-Circuit Current Density in Vertical Single Nanowire Solar Cells
    *Corresponding author: Email yesaya.wenas@anu.edu.au


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