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ACT Node - 2017


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Laucht A., Kalra R., Simmons S., Dehollain J.P., Muhonen J.T., Mohiyaddin F.A., Freer S., Hudson F.E., Itoh K.M., Jamieson D.N., McCallum J.C., Dzurak A.S., Morello A.
A dressed spin qubit in silicon
Nature Nanotechnology (2017) 12, 1; 61-66

Parry M., Komar A., Hopkins B., Campione S., Liu S., Miroshnichenko A.E., Nogan J., Sinclair M.B., Brener I., Neshev D.N.
Active tuning of high-Q dielectric metasurfaces
Applied Physics Letters (2017) 111, 5;

Koirala I., Shrestha V.R., Park C.-S., Gao S., Lee S.-S., Choi D.-Y.
All dielectric transmissive structural multicolor pixel incorporating a resonant grating in hydrogenated amorphous silicon
Scientific Reports (2017) 7, 1;

Gao S., Yue W., Park C.-S., Lee S.-S., Kim E.-S., Choi D.-Y.
Aluminum Plasmonic Metasurface Enabling a Wavelength-Insensitive Phase Gradient for Linearly Polarized Visible Light
ACS Photonics (2017) 4, 2; 322-328

Baig S.A., Boland J.L., Damry D.A., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Joyce H.J., Johnston M.B.
An Ultrafast Switchable Terahertz Polarization Modulator Based on III-V Semiconductor Nanowires
Nano Letters (2017) 17, 4; 2603-2610

Arslan D., Chong K.E., Miroshnichenko A.E., Choi D.-Y., Neshev D.N., Pertsch T., Kivshar Y.S., Staude I.
Angle-selective all-dielectric Huygens' metasurfaces
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2017) 50, 43;

Zuo H., Choi D.-Y., Gai X., Luther-Davies B., Zhang B.
CMOS compatible fabrication of micro, nano convex silicon lens arrays by conformal chemical vapor deposition
Optics Express (2017) 25, 4; 3069-3076

Huston L.Q., Kiran M.S.R.N., Smillie L.A., Williams J.S., Bradby J.E.
Cold nanoindentation of germanium
Applied Physics Letters (2017) 111, 2;

Morrison B., Bedoya A.C., Ren G., Vu K., Liu Y., Zarifi A., Nguyen T.G., Choi D.-Y., Marpaung D., Madden S.J., Mitchell A., Eggleton B.J.
Compact Brillouin devices through hybrid integration on silicon
Optica (2017) 4, 8; 847-854

Wan Y., Samundsett C., Bullock J., Hettick M., Allen T., Yan D., Peng J., Wu Y., Cui J., Javey A., Cuevas A.
Conductive and Stable Magnesium Oxide Electron-Selective Contacts for Efficient Silicon Solar Cells
Advanced Energy Materials (2017) 7, 5;

Hadley A., Notthoff C., Mota-Santiago P., Hossain U.H., Mudie S., Toimil-Molares M.E., Trautmann C., Kluth P.
Conical etched ion tracks in SiO2 characterised by small angle X-ray scattering
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms (2018) 435, ; 133-136

Li S., Liu X., Nandi S.K., Venkatachalam D.K., Elliman R.G.
Coupling dynamics of Nb/Nb2O5 relaxation oscillators
Nanotechnology (2017) 28, 12;

Rota M.B., Ameruddin A.S., Wong-Leung J., Belabbes A., Gao Q., Miriametro A., Mura F., Tan H.H., Polimeni A., Bechstedt F., Jagadish C., Capizzi M.
Critical Temperature for the Conversion from Wurtzite to Zincblende of the Optical Emission of InAs Nanowires
Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2017) 121, 30; 16650-16656

Nguyen H.T., Mokkapati S., Macdonald D.
Detecting Dopant Diffusion Enhancement at Grain Boundaries in Multicrystalline Silicon Wafers with Microphotoluminescence Spectroscopy
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics (2017) 7, 2; 598-603

Zarifi A., Stiller B., Merklein M., Vu K., Madden S.J., Eggleton B.J.
Distributed brillouin scattering measurement with sub-mm spatial resolution
Optics InfoBase Conference Papers (2017) 0,

Yuan X., Guo Y., Caroff P., He J., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
Dopant-Free Twinning Superlattice Formation in InSb and InP Nanowires
Physica Status Solidi - Rapid Research Letters (2017) 11, 11;

Chen B., Fu X., Tang J., Lysevych M., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Zewail A.H.
Dynamics and control of gold-encapped gallium arsenide nanowires imaged by 4D electron microscopy
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2017) 114, 49; 12876-12881

Liu A., Yan D., Phang S.P., Cuevas A., Macdonald D.
Effective impurity gettering by phosphorus- and boron-diffused polysilicon passivating contacts for silicon solar cells
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells (2018) 179, ; 136-141

Peng J., Duong T., Zhou X., Shen H., Wu Y., Mulmudi H.K., Wan Y., Zhong D., Li J., Tsuzuki T., Weber K.J., Catchpole K.R., White T.P.
Efficient Indium-Doped TiOx Electron Transport Layers for High-Performance Perovskite Solar Cells and Perovskite-Silicon Tandems
Advanced Energy Materials (2017) 7, 4;

Mota-Santiago P., Kremer F., Nadzri A., Ridgway M.C., Kluth P.
Elongation of metallic nanoparticles at the interface of silicon dioxide and silicon nitride
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms (2017) 409, ; 328-332


Gautam V., Naureen S., Shahid N., Gao Q., Wang Y., Nisbet D., Jagadish C., Daria V.R.
Engineering Highly Interconnected Neuronal Networks on Nanowire Scaffolds
Nano Letters (2017) 17, 6; 3369-3375

Alexander-Webber J.A., Groschner C.K., Sagade A.A., Tainter G., Gonzalez-Zalba M.F., Di Pietro R., Wong-Leung J., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Hofmann S., Joyce H.J.
Engineering the Photoresponse of InAs Nanowires
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2017) 9, 50; 43993-44000

Chen H., Corboliou V., Solntsev A.S., Choi D.-Y., Vincenti M.A., De Ceglia D., De Angelis C., Lu Y., Neshev D.N.
Enhanced second-harmonic generation from two-dimensional MoSe2 by waveguide integration
Optics InfoBase Conference Papers (2017) 0,

Pei J., Yang J., Wang X., Wang F., Mokkapati S., Lü T., Zheng J.-C., Qin Q., Neshev D., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Lu Y.
Excited State Biexcitons in Atomically Thin MoSe2
ACS Nano (2017) 11, 7; 7468-7475

Li F., Li Z., Tan L., Ma J., Fu L., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
GaAs/AlGaAs core-shell ensemble nanowire photodetectors
Optics InfoBase Conference Papers (2017) 0,

Berg A., Caroff P., Shahid N., Lockrey M.N., Yuan X., Borgström M.T., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
Growth and optical properties of InxGa1−xP nanowires synthesized by selective-area epitaxy
Nano Research (2017) 10, 2; 672-682

Zuo H., Choi D.-Y., Gai X., Ma P., Xu L., Neshev D.N., Zhang B., Luther-Davies B.
High-Efficiency All-Dielectric Metalenses for Mid-Infrared Imaging
Advanced Optical Materials (2017) 5, 23;

Cui J., Wan Y., Cui Y., Chen Y., Verlinden P., Cuevas A.
Highly effective electronic passivation of silicon surfaces by atomic layer deposited hafnium oxide
Applied Physics Letters (2017) 110, 2;

Yue W., Gao S., Lee S.-S., Kim E.-S., Choi D.-Y.
Highly reflective subtractive color filters capitalizing on a silicon metasurface integrated with nanostructured aluminum mirrors
Laser and Photonics Reviews (2017) 11, 3;

Bontempi N., Chong K.E., Orton H.W., Staude I., Choi D.-Y., Alessandri I., Kivshar Y.S., Neshev D.N.
Highly sensitive biosensors based on all-dielectric nanoresonators
Nanoscale (2017) 9, 15; 4972-4980

Choudhary A., Liu Y., Morrison B., Vu K., Choi D.-Y., Ma P., Madden S., Marpaung D., Eggleton B.J.
High-resolution, on-chip RF photonic signal processor using Brillouin gain shaping and RF interference
Scientific Reports (2017) 7, 1;

Carrad D.J., Mostert A.B., Ullah A.R., Burke A.M., Joyce H.J., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Krogstrup P., Nygård J., Meredith P., Micolich A.P.
Hybrid Nanowire Ion-to-Electron Transducers for Integrated Bioelectronic Circuitry
Nano Letters (2017) 17, 2; 827-833

Narangari P.R., Karuturi S.K., Lysevych M., Hoe Tan H., Jagadish C.
Improved photoelectrochemical performance of GaN nanopillar photoanodes
Nanotechnology (2017) 28, 15;

Shen H., Wu Y., Peng J., Duong T., Fu X., Barugkin C., White T.P., Weber K., Catchpole K.R.
Improved Reproducibility for Perovskite Solar Cells with 1 cm2 Active Area by a Modified Two-Step Process
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2017) 9, 7; 5974-5981

Patel J.B., Wong-Leung J., Van Reenen S., Sakai N., Wang J.T.W., Parrott E.S., Liu M., Snaith H.J., Herz L.M., Johnston M.B.
Influence of Interface Morphology on Hysteresis in Vapor-Deposited Perovskite Solar Cells
Advanced Electronic Materials (2017) 3, 2;

Fonseka H.A., Ameruddin A.S., Caroff P., Tedeschi D., De Luca M., Mura F., Guo Y., Lysevych M., Wang F., Tan H.H., Polimeni A., Jagadish C.
InP-InxGa1-xAs core-multi-shell nanowire quantum wells with tunable emission in the 1.3-1.55 μm wavelength range
Nanoscale (2017) 9, 36; 13554-13562

Khaleque A., Mironov E.G., Osório J.H., Li Z., Cordeiro C.M.B., Liu L., Franco M.A.R., Liow J.-L., Hattori H.T.
Integration of bow-tie plasmonic nanoantennas on tapered fibers
Optics Express (2017) 25, 8; 8986-8996

Jevtics D., Hurtado A., Guilhabert B., McPhillimy J., Cantarella G., Gao Q., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Strain M.J., Dawson M.D.
Integration of Semiconductor Nanowire Lasers with Polymeric Waveguide Devices on a Mechanically Flexible Substrate
Nano Letters (2017) 17, 10; 5990-5994

Peng J., Wu Y., Ye W., Jacobs D.A., Shen H., Fu X., Wan Y., Duong T., Wu N., Barugkin C., Nguyen H.T., Zhong D., Li J., Lu T., Liu Y., Lockrey M.N., Weber K.J., Catchpole K.R., White T.P.
Interface passivation using ultrathin polymer-fullerene films for high-efficiency perovskite solar cells with negligible hysteresis
Energy and Environmental Science (2017) 10, 8; 1792-1800

Alanis J.A., Saxena D., Mokkapati S., Jiang N., Peng K., Tang X., Fu L., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Parkinson P.
Large-scale statistics for threshold optimization of optically pumped nanowire lasers
Nano Letters (2017) 17, 8; 4860-4865

Duong T., Mulmudi H.K., Wu Y., Fu X., Shen H., Peng J., Wu N., Nguyen H.T., Macdonald D., Lockrey M., White T.P., Weber K., Catchpole K.
Light and Electrically Induced Phase Segregation and Its Impact on the Stability of Quadruple Cation High Bandgap Perovskite Solar Cells
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2017) 9, 32; 26859-26866

Barsukova M.G., Shorokhov A.S., Musorin A.I., Neshev D.N., Kivshar Y.S., Fedyanin A.A.
Magneto-Optical Response Enhanced by Mie Resonances in Nanoantennas
ACS Photonics (2017) 4, 10; 2390-2395

Nguyen H.T., Jensen M.A., Li L., Samundsett C., Sio H.C., Lai B., Buonassisi T., Macdonald D.
Microscopic Distributions of Defect Luminescence from Subgrain Boundaries in Multicrystalline Silicon Wafers
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics (2017) 7, 3; 772-780

Wu Y., Yan D., Peng J., Duong T., Wan Y., Phang S.P., Shen H., Wu N., Barugkin C., Fu X., Surve S., Grant D., Walter D., White T.P., Catchpole K.R., Weber K.J.
Monolithic perovskite/silicon-homojunction tandem solar cell with over 22% efficiency
Energy and Environmental Science (2017) 10, 11; 2472-2479

Alkhaldi H.S., Kremer F., Mota-Santiago P., Nadzri A., Schauries D., Kirby N., Ridgway M.C., Kluth P.
Morphology of ion irradiation induced nano-porous structures in Ge and Si1−xGex alloys
Journal of Applied Physics (2017) 121, 11;

Della Valle G., Hopkins B., Ganzer L., Stoll T., Rahmani M., Longhi S., Kivshar Y.S., De Angelis C., Neshev D.N., Cerullo G.
Nonlinear Anisotropic Dielectric Metasurfaces for Ultrafast Nanophotonics
ACS Photonics (2017) 4, 9; 2129-2136

Kruk S.S., Camacho-Morales R., Xu L., Rahmani M., Smirnova D.A., Wang L., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Neshev D.N., Kivshar Y.S.
Nonlinear optical magnetism revealed by second-harmonic generation in nanoantennas
Nano Letters (2017) 17, 6; 3914-3918

Rahmani M., Shorokhov A.S., Hopkins B., Miroshnichenko A.E., Shcherbakov M.R., Camacho-Morales R., Fedyanin A.A., Neshev D.N., Kivshar Y.S.
Nonlinear Symmetry Breaking in Symmetric Oligomers
ACS Photonics (2017) 4, 3; 454-461

Wong W.S.Y., Liu G., Nasiri N., Hao C., Wang Z., Tricoli A.
Omnidirectional Self-Assembly of Transparent Superoleophobic Nanotextures
ACS Nano (2017) 11, 1; 587-596

Nguyen H.T., Macdonald D.
On the composition of luminescence spectra from heavily doped p-type silicon under low and high excitation
Journal of Luminescence (2017) 181, ; 223-229

Choudhary A., Pelusi M., Marpaung D., Inoue T., Vu K., Ma P., Choi D.-Y., Madden S., Namiki S., Eggleton B.J.
On-chip Brillouin purification for frequency comb-based coherent optical communications
Optics Letters (2017) 42, 24; 5074-5077

Wong S., Haberl B., Williams J.S., Bradby J.E.
Phase Transformation Dependence on Initial Plastic Deformation Mode in Si via Nanoindentation
Experimental Mechanics (2017) 57, 7; 1037-1043

Khaleque A., Hattori H.T.
Plasmonic electro-absorption modulator and polarization selector
Journal of Modern Optics (2017) 64, 12; 1164-1174

Koirala I., Shrestha V.R., Park C.-S., Lee S.-S., Choi D.-Y.
Polarization-Controlled Broad Color Palette Based on an Ultrathin One-Dimensional Resonant Grating Structure
Scientific Reports (2017) 7,

Wagner H.P., Kaveh M., Gao Q., Tan H., Jagadish C., Langbein W.
Population dynamics and dephasing of excitons and electron-hole pairs in polytype wurtzite/zinc-blende InP nanowires
Physical Review B (2017) 95, 4;

Li F., Li Z., Tan L., Zhou Y., Ma J., Lysevych M., Fu L., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
Radiation effects on GaAs/AlGaAs core/shell ensemble nanowires and nanowire infrared photodetectors
Nanotechnology (2017) 28, 12;

Chong K.E., Orton H.W., Staude I., Decker M., Miroshnichenko A.E., Brener I., Kivshar Y.S., Neshev D.N.
Refractive index sensing with Fano resonances in silicon oligomers
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences (2017) 375, 2090;

Rahmani M., Xu L., Miroshnichenko A.E., Komar A., Camacho-Morales R., Chen H., Zárate Y., Kruk S., Zhang G., Neshev D.N., Kivshar Y.S.
Reversible Thermal Tuning of All-Dielectric Metasurfaces
Advanced Functional Materials (2017) 27, 31;

Vogl T., Lu Y., Koy Lam P.
Room temperature single photon source using fiber-integrated hexagonal boron nitride
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2017) 50, 29;

Duong T., Wu Y., Shen H., Peng J., Fu X., Jacobs D., Wang E.-C., Kho T.C., Fong K.C., Stocks M., Franklin E., Blakers A., Zin N., McIntosh K., Li W., Cheng Y.-B., White T.P., Weber K., Catchpole K.
Rubidium Multication Perovskite with Optimized Bandgap for Perovskite-Silicon Tandem with over 26% Efficiency
Advanced Energy Materials (2017) 7, 14;

Joyce H.J., Baig S.A., Wong-Leung J., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Boland J.L., Damry D.A., Davies C.L., Herz L.M., Johnston M.B.
Semiconductor nanowires in terahertz photonics: From spectroscopy to ultrafast nanowire-based devices
2017 10th UK-Europe-China Workshop on Millimetre Waves and Terahertz Technologies, UCMMT 2017 (2017) , ;

Pu A., Ma F., Yan C., Huang J., Sun K., Green M., Hao X.
Sentaurus modelling of 6.9% Cu2ZnSnS4 device based on comprehensive electrical & optical characterization
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells (2017) 160, ; 372-381

Wang L., Kruk S., Xu L., Rahmani M., Smirnova D., Solntsev A., Kravchenko I., Neshev D., Kivshar Y.
Shaping the third-harmonic radiation from silicon nanodimers
Nanoscale (2017) 9, 6; 2201-2206

Peng K., Parkinson P., Gao Q., Boland J.L., Li Z., Wang F., Mokkapati S., Fu L., Johnston M.B., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
Single n+-i-n+ InP nanowires for highly sensitive terahertz detection
Nanotechnology (2017) 28, 12;

Yuan X., Saxena D., Caroff P., Wang F., Lockrey M., Mokkapati S., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
Strong Amplified Spontaneous Emission from High Quality GaAs1-xSbx Single Quantum Well Nanowires
Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2017) 121, 15; 8636-8644

Park C.-S., Shrestha V.R., Yue W., Gao S., Lee S.-S., Kim E.-S., Choi D.-Y.
Structural Color Filters Enabled by a Dielectric Metasurface Incorporating Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Nanodisks
Scientific Reports (2017) 7, 1;

Notthoff C., Mota-Santiago P., Hadley A., Hossain U.H., Jordan S., Glover C., Mudie S., Kluth P.
Structural properties of nano-porous GaSb prepared by swift heavy-ion irradiation
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms (2018) 435, ; 126-132

Wong W.S.Y., Liu G., Tricoli A.
Superamphiphobic Bionic Proboscis for Contamination-Free Manipulation of Nano and Core–Shell Droplets
Small (2017) 13, 14;

Ma Q., Huang S., Chen S., Zhang M., Lau C.F.J., Lockrey M.N., Mulmudi H.K., Shan Y., Yao J., Zheng J., Deng X., Catchpole K., Green M.A., Ho-Baillie A.W.Y.
The Effect of Stoichiometry on the Stability of Inorganic Cesium Lead Mixed-Halide Perovskites Solar Cells
Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2017) 121, 36; 19642-19649

Ullah A.R., Joyce H.J., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Micolich A.P.
The influence of atmosphere on the performance of pure-phase WZ and ZB InAs nanowire transistors
Nanotechnology (2017) 28, 45;

Joyce H.J., Baig S.A., Parkinson P., Davies C.L., Boland J.L., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Herz L.M., Johnston M.B.
The influence of surfaces on the transient terahertz conductivity and electron mobility of GaAs nanowires
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2017) 50, 22;

Huston L.Q., Johnson B.C., Haberl B., Wong S., Williams J.S., Bradby J.E.
Thermal stability of simple tetragonal and hexagonal diamond germanium
Journal of Applied Physics (2017) 122, 17;

Melik-Gaykazyan E.V., Shcherbakov M.R., Shorokhov A.S., Staude I., Brener I., Neshev D.N., Kivshar Y.S., Fedyanin A.A.
Third-harmonic generation from Mie-type resonances of isolated all-dielectric nanoparticles
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences (2017) 375, 2090;

Nasiri N., Bo R., Fu L., Tricoli A.
Three-dimensional nano-heterojunction networks: A highly performing structure for fast visible-blind UV photodetectors
Nanoscale (2017) 9, 5; 2059-2067

Lal N.N., Le K.N., Thomson A.F., Brauers M., White T.P., Catchpole K.R.
Transparent Long-Pass Filter with Short-Wavelength Scattering Based on Morpho Butterfly Nanostructures
ACS Photonics (2017) 4, 4; 741-745

Alkhaldi H.S., Kluth P., Kremer F., Lysevych M., Li L., Ridgway M.C., Williams J.S.
Void evolution and porosity under arsenic ion irradiation in GaAs1-xSbx alloys
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2017) 50, 12;

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