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ACT Node - 2018


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Bohn J., Bucher T., Chong K.E., Komar A., Choi D.-Y., Neshev D.N., Kivshar Y.S., Pertsch T., Staude I.
Active Tuning of Spontaneous Emission by Mie-Resonant Dielectric Metasurfaces
Nano Letters (2018) 18, 6; 3461-3465

Wiśniewski P., Kluza K., Ligȩza A.
An approach to participatory business process modeling: BPMN model generation using constraint programming and graph composition
Applied Sciences (Switzerland) (2018) 8, 9;

Li S., Liu X., Nandi S.K., Elliman R.G.
Anatomy of filamentary threshold switching in amorphous niobium oxide
Nanotechnology (2018) 29, 37;

Xu L., Rahmani M., Zangeneh Kamali K., Lamprianidis A., Ghirardini L., Sautter J., Camacho-Morales R., Chen H., Parry M., Staude I., Zhang G., Neshev D., Miroshnichenko A.E.
Boosting third-harmonic generation by a mirror-enhanced anapole resonator
Light: Science and Applications (2018) 7, 1;

Zarifi A., Stiller B., Merklein M., Yang L.I.U., Morrison B., Casas-Bedoya A., Guanghui R.E.N., Nguyen T.G., Khu V.U., Choi D.-Y., Mitchell A., Madden S.J., Eggleton B.J.
Brillouin spectroscopy of a hybrid silicon-chalcogenide waveguide with geometrical variations
Optics Letters (2018) 43, 15; 3493-3496

Johlin E., Mann S.A., Kasture S., Koenderink A.F., Garnett E.C.
Broadband highly directive 3D nanophotonic lenses
Nature Communications (2018) 9, 1;

Giacoumidis E., Choudhary A., Magi E., Marpaung D., Vu K., Ma P., Choi D.-Y., Madden S., Corcoran B., Pelusi M., Eggleton B.J.
Chip-based Brillouin processing for carrier recovery in self-coherent optical communications
Optica (2018) 5, 10; 1191-1199

Ghediya P.R., Chaudhuri T.K., Raj V., Chugh D., Vora K., Li L., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
Direct-coated Cu2SnS3 films from molecular solution inks for solar photovoltaics
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing (2018) 88, ; 120-126

Vaskin A., Bohn J., Chong K.E., Bucher T., Zilk M., Choi D.-Y., Neshev D.N., Kivshar Y.S., Pertsch T., Staude I.
Directional and Spectral Shaping of Light Emission with Mie-Resonant Silicon Nanoantenna Arrays
ACS Photonics (2018) 5, 4; 1359-1364

Peng K., Parkinson P., Fu L., Gao Q., Boland J., Guo Y.-N., Jian N., Tan H.H., Johnston M.B., Jagadish C.
Distinguishing cap and core contributions to the photoconductive terahertz response of single gaas based core–shell–cap nanowire detectors [Apvalkalo ir šerdies indėlių atskyrimas teraherciniame gaas šerdies-kevalo-apvalkalo tipo vieno nanolaido detektori
Lithuanian Journal of Physics (2018) 58, 1; 15-23

Zarifi A., Stiller B., Merklein M., Liu Y., Morrison B., Casas-Bedoya A., Ren G., Mitchell A., Vu K., Madden S.J., Eggleton B.J.
Distributed SBS sensing in a silicon-chalcogenide platform
Optics InfoBase Conference Papers (2018) 0,

Komar A., Paniagua-Domínguez R., Miroshnichenko A., Yu Y.F., Kivshar Y.S., Kuznetsov A.I., Neshev D.
Dynamic Beam Switching by Liquid Crystal Tunable Dielectric Metasurfaces
ACS Photonics (2018) 5, 5; 1742-1748

Liu A., Yan D., Phang S.P., Cuevas A., Macdonald D.
Effective impurity gettering by phosphorus- and boron-diffused polysilicon passivating contacts for silicon solar cells
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells (2018) 179, ; 136-141

Khaleque A., Liu L.
Effects of adding metals to MoS2 in a ytterbium doped Q-switched fiber laser
Optics and Laser Technology (2018) 100, ; 97-102

Zhang L., Sharma A., Zhu Y., Zhang Y., Wang B., Dong M., Nguyen H.T., Wang Z., Wen B., Cao Y., Liu B., Sun X., Yang J., Li Z., Kar A., Shi Y., Macdonald D., Yu Z., Wang X., Lu Y.
Efficient and Layer-Dependent Exciton Pumping across Atomically Thin Organic–Inorganic Type-I Heterostructures
Advanced Materials (2018) 30, 40;

Haque A., Morshed M., Rifat A.A., Li Z., Li L., Miroshnichenko A., Hattori H.T.
Electrically Tunable MnO 2 Based Metasurface
31st Annual Conference of the IEEE Photonics Society, IPC 2018 (2018)

Joyce H.J., Alexander-Webber J., Peng K., Johnston M.B., Parkinson P., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
Engineering semiconductor nanowires for photodetection: From visible to terahertz
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering (2018) 10729,

Li F., Xie X., Gao Q., Tan L., Zhou Y., Yang Q., Ma J., Fu L., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
Enhancement of radiation tolerance in GaAs/AlGaAs core-shell and InP nanowires
Nanotechnology (2018) 29, 22;

Liu M., Choi D.-Y.
Extreme Huygens' Metasurfaces Based on Quasi-Bound States in the Continuum
Nano Letters (2018) 18, 12; 8062-8069

Vogl T., Campbell G., Buchler B.C., Lu Y., Lam P.K.
Fabrication and Deterministic Transfer of High-Quality Quantum Emitters in Hexagonal Boron Nitride
ACS Photonics (2018) 5, 6; 2305-2312

Zarifi A., Stiller B., Merklein M., Eggleton B.J.
High resolution brillouin sensing of micro-scale structures
Applied Sciences (Switzerland) (2018) 8, 12;
10.3390/app8122572  https://www.mdpi.com/2076-3417/8/12/2572

Zhu Y., Li Z., Zhang L., Wang B., Luo Z., Long J., Yang J., Fu L., Lu Y.
High-Efficiency Monolayer Molybdenum Ditelluride Light-Emitting Diode and Photodetector
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2018) 10, 50; 43291-43298

Koirala I., Lee S.-S., Choi D.-Y.
Highly transmissive subtractive color filters based on an all-dielectric metasurface incorporating TiO2 nanopillars
Optics Express (2018) 26, 14; 18320-18330

Li Z., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Fu L.
III–V Semiconductor Single Nanowire Solar Cells: A Review
Advanced Materials Technologies (2018) 3, 9;

Tittl A., Leitis A., Liu M., Yesilkoy F., Choi D.-Y., Neshev D.N., Kivshar Y.S., Altug H.
Imaging-based molecular barcoding with pixelated dielectric metasurfaces
Science (2018) 360, 6393; 1105-1109

Liu A., Macdonald D.
Impurity Gettering by Atomic-Layer-Deposited Aluminium Oxide Films on Silicon at Contact Firing Temperatures
Physica Status Solidi - Rapid Research Letters (2018) 12, 3;

Shen H., Omelchenko S.T., Jacobs D.A., Yalamanchili S., Wan Y., Yan D., Phang P., Duong T., Wu Y., Yin Y., Samundsett C., Peng J., Wu N., White T.P., Andersson G.G., Lewis N.S., Catchpole K.R.
In situ recombination junction between p-Si and TiO2 enables high-efficiency monolithic perovskite/Si tandem cells
Science Advances (2018) 4, 12;

Raj V., Dos Santos T.S., Rougieux F., Vora K., Lysevych M., Fu L., Mokkapati S., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
Indium phosphide based solar cell using ultra-thin ZnO as an electron selective layer
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2018) 51, 39;

Duong T., Wu Y., Shen H., Peng J., Zhao S., Wu N., Lockrey M., White T., Weber K., Catchpole K.
Light and elevated temperature induced degradation (LeTID) in perovskite solar cells and development of stable semi-transparent cells
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells (2018) 188, ; 27-36

Shen H., Duong T., Peng J., Jacobs D., Wu N., Gong J., Wu Y., Karuturi S.K., Fu X., Weber K., Xiao X., White T.P., Catchpole K.
Mechanically-stacked perovskite/CIGS tandem solar cells with efficiency of 23.9% and reduced oxygen sensitivity
Energy and Environmental Science (2018) 11, 2; 394-406

Shen H., Duong T., Wu Y., Peng J., Jacobs D., Wu N., Weber K., White T., Catchpole K.
Metal halide perovskite: a game-changer for photovoltaics and solar devices via a tandem design
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (2018) 19, 1; 53-75

Wei T.-C., Mokkapati S., Li T.-Y., Lin C.-H., Lin G.-R., Jagadish C., He J.-H.
Nonlinear Absorption Applications of CH3NH3PbBr3 Perovskite Crystals
Advanced Functional Materials (2018) 28, 18;

Stiller B., Merklein M., Wolff C., Vu K., Ma P., Poulton C.G., Madden S.J., Eggleton B.J.
On-chip multi-stage optical delay based on cascaded Brillouin light storage
Optics Letters (2018) 43, 18; 4321-4324

Karuturi S.K., Shen H., Duong T., Narangari P.R., Yew R., Wong-Leung J., Catchpole K., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
Perovskite Photovoltaic Integrated CdS/TiO2 Photoanode for Unbiased Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Generation
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2018) 10, 28; 23766-23773

Duong T., Peng J., Walter D., Xiang J., Shen H., Chugh D., Lockrey M., Zhong D., Li J., Weber K., White T.P., Catchpole K.R.
Perovskite Solar Cells Employing Copper Phthalocyanine Hole-Transport Material with an Efficiency over 20% and Excellent Thermal Stability
ACS Energy Letters (2018) 3, 10; 2441-2448

Butson J., Narangari P.R., Karuturi S.K., Yew R., Lysevych M., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
Photoelectrochemical studies of InGaN/GaN MQW photoanodes
Nanotechnology (2018) 29, 4;

Lobanov N.R.
Production of intensive negative lithium beam with caesium sputter-type ion source
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms (2018) 415, ; 72-81

Yang I., Zhang X., Zheng C., Gao Q., Li Z., Li L., Lockrey M.N., Nguyen H., Caroff P., Etheridge J., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Wong-Leung J., Fu L.
Radial Growth Evolution of InGaAs/InP Multi-Quantum-Well Nanowires Grown by Selective-Area Metal Organic Vapor-Phase Epitaxy
ACS Nano (2018)

Li Z., Yang I., Li L., Gao Q., Chong J.S., Li Z., Lockrey M.N., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Fu L.
Reducing Zn diffusion in single axial junction InP nanowire solar cells for improved performance
Progress in Natural Science: Materials International (2018) 28, 2; 178-182

Anenburg M., Burnham A.D., Mavrogenes J.A.
Ree redistribution textures in altered fluorapatite: Symplectites, veins, and phosphate-silicate-carbonate assemblages from the nolans bore p-ree-th deposit, Northern Territory, Australia
Canadian Mineralogist (2018) 56, 3; 331-354

Yuan X., Yang J., He J., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
Role of surface energy in nanowire growth
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2018) 51, 28;

Nandi S.K., Venkatachalam D.K., Ruffell S., England J., Grande P.L., Vos M., Elliman R.G.
Room temperature synthesis of HfO2/HfO x heterostructures by ion-implantation
Nanotechnology (2018) 29, 42;

Niewelt T., Richter A., Kho T.C., Grant N.E., Bonilla R.S., Steinhauser B., Polzin J.-I., Feldmann F., Hermle M., Murphy J.D., Phang S.P., Kwapil W., Schubert M.C.
Taking monocrystalline silicon to the ultimate lifetime limit
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells (2018) 185, ; 252-259

Wan Y., Karuturi S.K., Samundsett C., Bullock J., Hettick M., Yan D., Peng J., Narangari P.R., Mokkapati S., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Javey A., Cuevas A.
Tantalum Oxide Electron-Selective Heterocontacts for Silicon Photovoltaics and Photoelectrochemical Water Reduction
ACS Energy Letters (2018) 3, 1; 125-131

Sun Z., Burgess T., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Kogan A.
Temperature effects in contacts between a metal and a semiconductor nanowire near the degenerate doping
Nanotechnology (2018) 29, 16; -
10.1088/1361-6528/aaae4e  https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1361-6528/aaae4e

Zhao B., Lockrey M.N., Caroff P., Wang N., Li L., Wong-Leung J., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
The effect of nitridation on the polarity and optical properties of GaN self-assembled nanorods
Nanoscale (2018) 10, 23; 11205-11210

Gao H., Lysevych M., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Zou J.
The effect of Sn addition on GaAs nanowire grown by vapor-liquid-solid growth mechanism
Nanotechnology (2018) 29, 46;

Huston L.Q., Lugstein A., Williams J.S., Bradby J.E.
The high pressure phase transformation behavior of silicon nanowires
Applied Physics Letters (2018) 113, 12;

Chen S., Rahmani M., Li K.F., Miroshnichenko A., Zentgraf T., Li G., Neshev D., Zhang S.
Third Harmonic Generation Enhanced by Multipolar Interference in Complementary Silicon Metasurfaces
ACS Photonics (2018) 5, 5; 1671-1675

Hurtado A., Jevtics D., Guilhabert B., Gao Q., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Dawson M.D.
Transfer printing of semiconductor nanowire lasers
IET Optoelectronics (2018) 12, 1; 30-35

Liu G., Karuturi S.K., Chen H., Spiccia L., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Wang D., Simonov A.N., Tricoli A.
Tuning the morphology and structure of disordered hematite photoanodes for improved water oxidation: A physical and chemical synergistic approach
Nano Energy (2018) 53, ; 745-752

Amekura H., Kluth P., Mota-Santiago P., Sahlberg I., Jantunen V., Leino A.A., Vazquez H., Nordlund K., Djurabekova F., Okubo N., Ishikawa N.
Vaporlike phase of amorphous Si O2 is not a prerequisite for the core/shell ion tracks or ion shaping
Physical Review Materials (2018) 2, 9;

Xu W.-Z., Ren F.-F., Jevtics D., Hurtado A., Li L., Gao Q., Ye J., Wang F., Guilhabert B., Fu L., Lu H., Zhang R., Tan H.H., Dawson M.D., Jagadish C.
Vertically Emitting Indium Phosphide Nanowire Lasers
Nano Letters (2018) 18, 6; 3414-3420

Gao S., Lee S.-S., Kim E.-S., Choi D.-Y.
Vertically integrated visible and near-infrared metasurfaces enabling an ultra-broadband and highly angle-resolved anomalous reflection
Nanoscale (2018) 10, 26; 12453-12460

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