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ACT Node - 2020


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Thank you everyone, we have 76 articles with Acknowlegement to the ACT Node (ANFF-ACT).


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Wu H., Nguyen H.T., Black L., Liu A., Liu R., Chen W., Kang D., Yang W., MacDonald D.
A Correlative Study of Film Lifetime, Hydrogen Content, and Surface Passivation Quality of Amorphous Silicon Films on Silicon Wafers
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics; 10, 5; 2020

Liu W., Ma D., Li Z., Cheng H., Choi D.-Y., Tian J., Chen S.
Aberration-corrected three-dimensional positioning with a single-shot metalens array
Optica; 7, 12; 2020

Hadley A., Notthoff C., Mota-Santiago P., Dutt S., Mudie S., Carrillo-Solano M.A., Toimil-Molares M.E., Trautmann C., Kluth P.
Analysis of nanometer-sized aligned conical pores using small-angle x-ray scattering
Physical Review Materials; 4, 5; 2020

Yuan X., Liu K., Skalsky S., Parkinson P., Fang L., He J., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
Carrier dynamics and recombination mechanisms in InP twinning superlattice nanowires
Optics Express; 28, 11; 2020

Gustafsson A., Jiang N., Zheng C., Etheridge J., Gao Q., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Wong-Leung J.
Cathodoluminescence visualisation of local thickness variations of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum-well tubes on nanowires
Nanotechnology; 31, 42; 2020

Jevtics D., McPhillimy J., Guilhabert B., Alanis J.A., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Dawson M.D., Hurtado A., Parkinson P., Strain M.J.
Characterization, Selection, and Microassembly of Nanowire Laser Systems
Nano Letters; 20, 3; 2020

Lung S., Wang K., Kamali K.Z., Zhang J., Rahmani M., Neshev D.N., Sukhorukov A.A.
Complex-Birefringent Dielectric Metasurfaces for Arbitrary Polarization-Pair Transformations
ACS Photonics; 7, 11; 2020

Booker K., Mayon Y.O., Jones C., Stocks M., Blakers A.
Deep, vertical etching for GaAs using inductively coupled plasma/reactive ion etching
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B: Nanotechnology and Microelectronics; 38, 1; 2020

Truong T.N., Yan D., Chen W., Wang W., Guthrey H., Al-Jassim M., Cuevas A., Macdonald D., Nguyen H.T.
Deposition pressure dependent structural and optoelectronic properties of ex-situ boron-doped poly-Si/SiOx passivating contacts based on sputtered silicon
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells; 215, ; 2020

Raj V., Rougieux F., Fu L., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
Design of Ultrathin InP Solar Cell Using Carrier Selective Contacts
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics; 10, 6; 2020

L. Hanlon; V. Gautam; J. D. A. Wood; P. Reddy; M. S. J. Barson; M. Niihori; A. R. J. Silalahi; B. Corry; J. Wrachtrup; M. J. Sellars; V. R. Daria; P. Maletinsky; G. J. Stuart; M. W. Doherty.
Diamond nanopillar arrays for quantum microscopy of neuronal signals
Neurophotonics; 7, ; 2020

Mahmud M.A., Duong T., Yin Y., Pham H.T., Walter D., Peng J., Wu Y., Li L., Shen H., Wu N., Mozaffari N., Andersson G., Catchpole K.R., Weber K.J., White T.P.
Double-Sided Surface Passivation of 3D Perovskite Film for High-Efficiency Mixed-Dimensional Perovskite Solar Cells
Advanced Functional Materials; 30, 7; 2020

Manjunath S., Liu M., Raj V., Aoni R.A., Powell D.A., Shadrivov I.V., Rahmani M.
Dual-Region Resonant Meander Metamaterial
Advanced Optical Materials; 8, 7; 2020

Mozaffari N., Shen H., Yin Y., Li Y., Hiller D., Jacobs D.A., Nguyen H.T., Phang P., Andersson G.G., Kaiser U., White T.P., Weber K., Catchpole K.R.
Efficient Passivation and Low Resistivity for p+-Si/TiO2Contact by Atomic Layer Deposition
ACS Applied Energy Materials; 3, 7; 2020

Nandi S.K., Nath S.K., El-Helou A.E., Li S., Ratcliff T., Uenuma M., Raad P.E., Elliman R.G.
Electric Field- And Current-Induced Electroforming Modes in NbO x
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces; 12, 7; 2020

Ghediya P.R., Chaudhuri T.K., Raj V., Vankhade D., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
Electrical Properties of Compact Drop-Casted Cu2SnS3 Films
Journal of Electronic Materials; 49, 11; 2020

Chen S., Wang Y., Yang L., Karouta F., Sun K.
Electron-Induced Perpendicular Graphene Sheets Embedded Porous Carbon Film for Flexible Touch Sensors
Nano-Micro Letters; 12, 1; 2020

Wong-Leung J., Yang I., Li Z., Karuturi S.K., Fu L., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
Engineering III–V Semiconductor Nanowires for Device Applications
Advanced Materials; 32, 18; 2020

L. Xu; M. Rahmani; Y. Ma; D. A. Smirnova; K. Z. Kamali; F. Deng; Y. K. Chiang; L. Huang; H. Zhang; S. Gould; D. N. Neshev; A. E. Miroshnichenko.
Enhanced light-matter interactions in dielectric nanostructures via machine-learning approach
Advanced Photonics; 2, ; 2020

Liu G., Karuturi S.K., Chen H., Wang D., Ager J.W., Simonov A.N., Tricoli A.
Enhancement of the photoelectrochemical water splitting by perovskite BiFeO3 via interfacial engineering
Solar Energy; 202, ; 2020

Kho T.C., Fong K.C., Stocks M., McIntosh K., Franklin E., Phang S.P., Liang W., Blakers A.
Excellent ONO passivation on phosphorus and boron diffusion demonstrating a 25% efficient IBC solar cell
Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications; 28, 10; 2020

Pournia S., Linser S., Jnawali G., Jackson H.E., Smith L.M., Ameruddin A., Caroff P., Wong-Leung J., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Joyce H.J.
Exploring the band structure of Wurtzite InAs nanowires using photocurrent spectroscopy
Nano Research; 13, 6; 2020

Yuan X., Wang N., Tian Z., Zhang F., Li L., Lockrey M., He J., Jagadish C., Tan H.H.
Facet-dependent growth of InAsP quantum wells in InP nanowire and nanomembrane arrays
Nanoscale Horizons; 5, 11; 2020

Jiang N., Joyce H.J., Parkinson P., Wong-Leung J., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
Facet-Related Non-uniform Photoluminescence in Passivated GaAs Nanowires
Frontiers in Chemistry; 8, ; 2020

Xu L., Saerens G., Timofeeva M., Smirnova D.A., Volkovskaya I., Lysevych M., Camacho-Morales R., Cai M., Zangeneh Kamali K., Huang L., Karouta F., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Miroshnichenko A.E., Grange R., Neshev D.N., Rahmani M.
Forward and Backward Switching of Nonlinear Unidirectional Emission from GaAs Nanoantennas
ACS Nano; 14, 2; 2020

Duong T., Pham H., Kho T.C., Phang P., Fong K.C., Yan D., Yin Y., Peng J., Mahmud M.A., Gharibzadeh S., Nejand B.A., Hossain I.M., Khan M.R., Mozaffari N., Wu Y., Shen H., Zheng J., Mai H., Liang W., Samundsett C., Stocks M., McIntosh K., Andersson G.G.,
High Efficiency Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells: Effect of Surface Coating versus Bulk Incorporation of 2D Perovskite
Advanced Energy Materials; 10, 9; 2020

Zhao B., Lockrey M.N., Wang N., Caroff P., Yuan X., Li L., Wong-Leung J., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
Highly regular rosette-shaped cathodoluminescence in GaN self-assembled nanodisks and nanorods
Nano Research; 13, 9; 2020

Yang I., Kim S., Niihori M., Alabadla A., Li Z., Li L., Lockrey M.N., Choi D.-Y., Aharonovich I., Wong-Leung J., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Fu L.
Highly uniform InGaAs/InP quantum well nanowire array-based light emitting diodes
Nano Energy; 71, ; 2020

Smith L.W., Batey J.O., Alexander-Webber J.A., Fan Y., Hsieh Y.-C., Fung S., Jr., Jevtics D., Robertson J., Guilhabert B.J.E., Strain M.J., Dawson M.D., Hurtado A., Griffiths J.P., Beere H.E., Jagadish C., Burton O.J., Hofmann S., Chen T.-M., Ritchie D.A.
High-throughput electrical characterization of nanomaterials from room to cryogenic temperatures
ACS Nano; 14, 11; 2020

Tedeschi D., Fonseka H.A., Blundo E., Granados Del Águila A., Guo Y., Tan H.H., Christianen P.C.M., Jagadish C., Polimeni A., De Luca M.
Hole and Electron Effective Masses in Single InP Nanowires with a Wurtzite-Zincblende Homojunction
ACS Nano; 14, 9; 2020

Gluschke J.G., Seidl J., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Caroff P., Micolich A.P.
Impact of invasive metal probes on Hall measurements in semiconductor nanostructures
Nanoscale; 12, 39; 2020

Chugh D., Adhikari S., Wong-Leung J., Lysevych M., Jagadish C., Tan H.H.
Improving the Morphology and Crystal Quality of AlN Grown on Two-Dimensional hBN
Crystal Growth and Design; 20, 3; 2020

Mahmud M.A., Duong T., Yin Y., Peng J., Wu Y., Lu T., Pham H.T., Shen H., Walter D., Nguyen H.T., Mozaffari N., Tabi G.D., Liu Y., Andersson G., Catchpole K.R., Weber K.J., White T.P.
In Situ Formation of Mixed-Dimensional Surface Passivation Layers in Perovskite Solar Cells with Dual-Isomer Alkylammonium Cations
Small; 16, 49; 2020

Li Z., Yuan X., Gao Q., Yang I., Li L., Caroff P., Allen M., Allen J., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Fu L.
In situ passivation of GaAsSb nanowires for enhanced infrared photoresponse
Nanotechnology; 31, 24; 2020

Chen W., Stuckelberger J., Wang W., Phang S.P., Kang D., Samundsett C., MacDonald D., Cuevas A., Zhou L., Wan Y., Yan D.
Influence of PECVD Deposition Power and Pressure on Phosphorus-Doped Polysilicon Passivating Contacts
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics; 10, 5; 2020

Chen W., Truong T.N., Nguyen H.T., Samundsett C., Phang S.P., MacDonald D., Cuevas A., Zhou L., Wan Y., Yan D.
Influence of PECVD deposition temperature on phosphorus doped poly-silicon passivating contacts
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells; 206, ; 2020

Pham H.T., Duong T., Weber K.J., Wong-Leung J.
Insights into Twinning Formation in Cubic and Tetragonal Multi-cation Mixed-Halide Perovskite
ACS Materials Letters; 2, 4; 2020

McKay L., Merklen M., Liu Y., Cramer A., Maksymow J., Chilton A., Yan K., Choi D.-Y., Madden S.J., Desalvo R., Eggleton B.J.
Integrated microwave photonic true-time delay with interferometric delay enhancement based on Brillouin scattering and microring resonators
Optics Express; 28, 24; 2020

Tran T.T., Hudspeth Q., Liu Y., Smillie L.A., Wang B., Bruce R.A., Mathews J., Warrender J.M., Williams J.S.
Ion beam synthesis and photoluminescence study of supersaturated fully-relaxed Ge-Sn alloys
Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology; 262, ; 2020

Mota-Santiago P., Kremer F., Rizza G., Dufour C., Khomenkov V., Notthoff C., Hadley A., Kluth P.
Ion shaping of single-layer Au nanoparticles in amorphous silicon dioxide, in silicon nitride, and at their interface
Physical Review Materials; 4, 9; 2020

Tricoli A., Liu B., Taheri M., Torres J.F., Fusco Z., Lu T., Liu Y., Tsuzuki T., Yu G.
Janus conductive/insulating microporous ion-sieving membranes for stable Li-S batteries
ACS Nano; 14, 10; 2020

Tu C.-W., Fränzl M., Gao Q., Tan H.-H., Jagadish C., Schmitzer H., Wagner H.P.
Lasing from InP Nanowire Photonic Crystals on InP Substrate
Advanced Optical Materials; 9, 3; 2020

Kang D., Sio H.C., Yan D., Chen W., Yang J., Jin J., Zhang X., Macdonald D.
Long-term stability study of the passivation quality of polysilicon-based passivation layers for silicon solar cells
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells; 215, ; 2020

Koutsares S.R., Tanyi E.K., Daniel S.J., Savelev R.S., Rahmani M., Neshev D., Shadrivov I.V., Noginov M.A.
Low-loss volume modes in a lamellar hyperbolic metamaterial slab
Journal of the Optical Society of America B: Optical Physics; 37, 4; 2020

Hiller D., Hönicke P., König D.
Material combination of Tunnel-SiO2 with a (sub-)Monolayer of ALD-AlOx on silicon offering a highly passivating hole selective contact
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells; 215, ; 2020

Nath S.K., Nandi S.K., Li S., Elliman R.G.
Metal-oxide interface reactions and their effect on integrated resistive/threshold switching in NbO x
Nanotechnology; 31, 23; 2020

Wu H., Nguyen H.T., Yan D., Stuckelberger J., Chen W., Wang W., Macdonald D.
Micro-photoluminescence studies of shallow phosphorus diffusions below polysilicon passivating contacts
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells; 218, ; 2020

Yang Q., Kruk S., Xu Y., Wang Q., Srivastava Y.K., Koshelev K., Kravchenko I., Singh R., Han J., Kivshar Y., Shadrivov I.
Mie-Resonant Membrane Huygens' Metasurfaces
Advanced Functional Materials; 30, 4; 2020

Zhou C., Lee W.-B., Park C.-S., Gao S., Choi D.-Y., Lee S.-S.
Multifunctional Beam Manipulation at Telecommunication Wavelengths Enabled by an All-Dielectric Metasurface Doublet
Advanced Optical Materials; 8, 15; 2020

Peng J., Walter D., Ren Y., Tebyetekerwa M., Wu Y., Duong T., Lin Q., Li J., Lu T., Mahmud M.A., Lem O.L.C., Zhao S., Liu W., Liu Y., Shen H., Li L., Kremer F., Nguyen H.T., Choi D.-Y., Weber K.J., Catchpole K.R., White T.P.
Nanoscale localized contacts for high fill factors in polymer-passivated perovskite solar cells
Science; 371, 6527; 2020

S. Kruk; W. Gao; D. Y. Choi; T. Zentgraf; S. Zhang; Y. Kivshar
Nanoscale topological corner states in nonlinear optics

Tran-Phu T., Daiyan R., Fusco Z., Ma Z., Amal R., Tricoli A.
Nanostructured β-Bi2O3 Fractals on Carbon Fibers for Highly Selective CO2 Electroreduction to Formate
Advanced Functional Materials; 30, 3; 2020

Raj V., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
Non-epitaxial carrier selective contacts for III-V solar cells: A review
Applied Materials Today; 18, ; 2020

Fusco Z., Taheri M., Bo R., Tran-Phu T., Chen H., Guo X., Zhu Y., Tsuzuki T., White T.P., Tricoli A.
Non-periodic epsilon-near-zero metamaterials at visible wavelengths for efficient non-resonant optical sensing
Nano Letters; 20, 5; 2020

Karuturi S.K., Shen H., Sharma A., Beck F.J., Varadhan P., Duong T., Narangari P.R., Zhang D., Wan Y., He J.-H., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Catchpole K.
Over 17% Efficiency Stand-Alone Solar Water Splitting Enabled by Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Absorbers
Advanced Energy Materials; 10, 28; 2020

Fusco Z., Rahmani M., Tran-Phu T., Ricci C., Kiy A., Kluth P., Della Gaspera E., Motta N., Neshev D., Tricoli A.
Photonic Fractal Metamaterials: A Metal–Semiconductor Platform with Enhanced Volatile-Compound Sensing Performance
Advanced Materials; , ; 2020

Yue W., Gao S., Li Y., Zhang C., Fu X., Choi D.-Y.
Polarization-encrypted high-resolution full-color images exploiting hydrogenated amorphous silicon nanogratings
Nanophotonics; 9, 4; 2020

Luo M.-C., Ren F.-F., Gagrani N., Qiu K., Wang Q., Yu L., Ye J., Yan F., Zhang R., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Ji X.
Polarization-Independent Indium Phosphide Nanowire Photodetectors
Advanced Optical Materials; 8, 17; 2020

Yang Q., Liu M., Kruk S., Xu Y., Srivastava Y.K., Singh R., Han J., Kivshar Y., Shadrivov I.V.
Polarization-Sensitive Dielectric Membrane Metasurfaces
Advanced Optical Materials; 8, 20; 2020

K. Bera; A. Roy; D. Chugh; J. Wong-Leung; H. H. Tan; C. Jagadish
Role of defects and grain boundaries in the thermal response of wafer-scale hBN films - IOPscience
Nanotechnology; 32, ; 2020

Nath S.K., Nandi S.K., El-Helou A., Liu X., Li S., Li S., Ratcliff T., Raad P.E., Elliman R.G.
Schottky-barrier-induced asymmetry in the negative-differential-resistance response of nb/nb ox / pt cross-point devices
Physical Review Applied; 13, 6; 2020

Nguyen H.T., Gerritsen S., Mahmud M.A., Wu Y., Cai Z., Truong T., Tebyetekerwa M., Duong T., Peng J., Weber K., White T.P., Catchpole K., Macdonald D.
Spatially and Spectrally Resolved Absorptivity: New Approach for Degradation Studies in Perovskite and Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cells
Advanced Energy Materials; 10, 4; 2020

Li Z., Liu W., Cheng H., Choi D.-Y., Chen S., Tian J.
Spin-Selective Full-Dimensional Manipulation of Optical Waves with Chiral Mirror
Advanced Materials; 32, 26; 2020

He J., Wang W., Cai L., Lin H., Wang Z., Karuturi S.K., Gao P.
Stable Electron-Selective Contacts for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells Enabling Efficiency over 21.6%
Advanced Functional Materials; 30, 50; 2020

Bera K., Chugh D., Patra A., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Roy A.
Strain distribution in wrinkled hBN films
Solid State Communications; 310, ; 2020

Sharma A., Zhang L., Tollerud J.O., Dong M., Zhu Y., Halbich R., Vogl T., Liang K., Nguyen H.T., Wang F., Sanwlani S., Earl S.K., Macdonald D., Lam P.K., Davis J.A., Lu Y.
Supertransport of excitons in atomically thin organic semiconductors at the 2D quantum limit
Light: Science and Applications; 9, 1; 2020

Notthoff C., Jordan S., Hadley A., Mota-Santiago P., Elliman R.G., Lei W., Kirby N., Kluth P.
Swift heavy ion irradiation of GaSb: From ion tracks to nanoporous networks
Physical Review Materials; 4, 4; 2020

Morshed M., Haque M.A., Hattori H.T.
The effect of the substrate on the damage threshold of gold nano-Antennas by a femtosecond laser
Materials Research Express; 7, 9; 2020

Zhao S., Yin Y., Peng J., Wu Y., Andersson G.G., Beck F.J.
The Importance of Schottky Barrier Height in Plasmonically Enhanced Hot-Electron Devices
Advanced Optical Materials; 9, 3; 2020

Peng K., Jevtics D., Zhang F., Sterzl S., Damry D.A., Rothmann M.U., Guilhabert B., Strain M.J., Tan H.H., Herz L.M., Fu L., Dawson M.D., Hurtado A., Jagadish C., Johnston M.B.
Three-dimensional cross-nanowire networks recover full terahertz state
Science; 368, 6490; 2020

Yew R., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Karuturi S.K.
Three-dimensional ordered macroporous TiO2−Taoxny heterostructure for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Journal of Physical Chemistry C; 124, 44; 2020

Yu J., Yu J., Yu J., Phang P., Samundsett C., Basnet R., Neupan G.P., Yang X., Macdonald D.H., Wan Y., Yan D., Ye J.
Titanium Nitride Electron-Conductive Contact for Silicon Solar Cells by Radio Frequency Sputtering from a TiN Target
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces; 12, 23; 2020

Lim S.Q., Lew C.T.-K., Chow P.K., Warrender J.M., Williams J.S., Johnson B.C.
Toward understanding and optimizing Au-hyperdoped Si infrared photodetectors
APL Materials; 8, 6; 2020

Moghadamzadeh S., Hossain I.M., Duong T., Gharibzadeh S., Abzieher T., Pham H., Hu H., Fassl P., Lemmer U., Nejand B.A., Paetzold U.W.
Triple-cation low-bandgap perovskite thin-films for high-efficiency four-terminal all-perovskite tandem solar cells
Journal of Materials Chemistry A; 8, 46; 2020

Wurdack M., Yun T., Estrecho E., Syed N., Bhattacharyya S., Pieczarka M., Zavabeti A., Chen S.-Y., Haas B., Müller J., Lockrey M.N., Bao Q., Schneider C., Lu Y., Fuhrer M.S., Truscott A.G., Daeneke T., Ostrovskaya E.A.
Ultrathin Ga2O3 Glass: A Large-Scale Passivation and Protection Material for Monolayer WS2
Advanced Materials; 33, 3; 2021

Nandi S.K., Das S.K., Estherby C., Gentle A., Elliman R.G.
Understanding modes of negative differential resistance in amorphous and polycrystalline vanadium oxides
Journal of Applied Physics; 128, 24; 2020



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