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Please find relevant information below regarding Laboratory Safety, Tutorials, WHS documentation such as risk assessments and safe operating procdures WHS Procedures and Standard Process Recipes.


Laboratory Safety & Emergency Information

Before accessing the facilities all users must complete the induction webinar and complete the mandatory Laboratory Induction which MUST be completed and signed before access to the laboratory is granted. Please note, there will be an on-site laboratory tour to finish the induction.

It is also vital that all users familiarise themselves with the ANFF Laboratory Emergency Procedures as this document gives general information on the layout of the laboratories and associated facilities. There are also clear procedures on what to do in the event of any alarms being activated.


WHS Risk Assessments of Laboratories

The following table contains risk assessments (RA) and after-hours safe working procedures (AH_SWP) for our laboratories. Please familiarize youself and contact our process engineering staff if there are any questions.

Building Lab RA AH_SWP
Huxley 56 H4.30 RA AH SWP
JCSMR 131 131_1.147 RA AH SWP
Weigold 58B W2.04 RA
Weigold 58B W2.05 RA AH SWP
Weigold 58B W2.06 RA AH SWP
Carver 58C J4.24 RA
Carver 58C J4.25 RA
Nuclear 58A A107/A201 RA
#160 P3.51 RA AH SWP



Below are the links to tutorials covering nanofabrication techniques supported by our node. It covers introduction, theory and capapbilities of various tools.

Overview of ANFF-ACT Capabilities Fabrication technology webinars

Overview of ANFF-ACT Capabilities

This induction webinar outlines laboratory specific induction and authorisation requirements for the ANFF laboratories located in the Weigold Building (W2.05 and W2.06). It provides information about the inherent risks and controls established for the laboratory. New or modified tasks to be carried out in the laboratory require further formal risk assessment and subsequent approval. In addition, training will be provided for plant, equipment and safe working practices.

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

Electron Beam Lithography (EBL)

Focussed Ion Beam (FIB)

Scanning Electron Microscopy with Cathodoluminescence (SEM-Cl)


Equipment Documentation

The following table contains equipment specific information on risks assessments (RA), safe working procedures (SWP), instruction manuals (IM) or, for reference if required, the equipment manufacturers hardware (EMH) or software manuals (EMS). Please familiarize youself and contact our process engineering staff if there are any questions.

Equipment Brand / Model Ref.-name RA SWP IM EMH EMS
EBL Elionix Boden125 EBL1_Elionix RA IM
EBL Raith 150 EBL2_Raith IM
FIB FEI Helios NanoLab 600 FIB_Helios600 IM
SEM-CL FEI Verios 460 SEM SEM-CL_Verios460 IM
Sputter AJA Intl. ATC-2400V D3_AJA_Sputter IM
E-beam Evaporator BDJ2000 D4_E-beam_Evap_BJD2000
Thermal Evaporator Kurk Lesker Nano36 D5_Thermal_Evap_Nano36 IM
Parylene Coater Diener P6 D16_Parylene_Coater EMH EMS
RTA JetFirst 100 H4_RTA_JetFirst100 IM
RTA Qualiflow Therm JetFirst Hx_RTA_Qualiflow  
Mask Aligner Karl SUSS MA6 L2_Karl_SUSS_MA6
Mask Aligner EVG 620 L4_NIL_Aligner_EVG620 IM
Hot Embosser EVG 520HE L5_Embosser_EVG520 IM
Barrel Etcher PVA TePla L9_Tepla_Barrel_Etcher IM
Desiccator Canbinet TerraUniversal L9_N2_desiccator_cabinet
Maskless Aligner Heidelberg MLA150 L20_Heidelberg_MLA150
Stylus Surface Profiler Bruker Dektak XT M3_Bruker_Surface_Profiler
Ellipsometer JA Woollam M-2000DI M4_Woollam_Ellipsometer IM
Thermal ALD Savannah P3_T-ALD_Savannah
ICP-F Samco 400iP P5_RIE_ICP-F IM * *
ICP-Cl Samco 400iP P6_RIE_ICP-CL IM * *
Plasma ALD PicoSun Sunale P7_P-ALD_Picosun IM
PECVD Oxford PlasmaLab 100 P8_PECVD_Oxford100 IM
RIE (old) Oxford Plasma80 P12_RIE_Oxford80 IM
Diamond Sciber OEG MR200 xx_Diamond_Scriber RA IM
Electroplating CHI 600E xx_Electro_Plating
Etch-Develop-Clean (EDC) Laurell WS1000 Wx_Laurell_WS1000   EMH
Wetbench 1 MicroVoid WB1   EMH
Wetbench 2 MicroVoid WB1   EMH
Wetbench 3 MicroVoid WB1   EMH
Wetbench 4 MicroVoid WB1   EMH
Wetbench 5 MicroVoid WB1   EMH
MOCVD2 Aixtron 200/4 MOVPE2 MOCVD2  
Spinn Coater SPS Polos SPIN150x  
Ultrasonic Bath Elma Trasnssonic TI-H-15 xx_Elma_Transsonic  
AFM Nanosurf CoreAFM Mx_Nanosurf_CoreAFM  
Desktop Sputter Denton Vacuum Desk V Dx_Denton_Sputter  
Flip Chip Bonder Finetech Fineplacer Lambda xx_FCB_Finetech  
Glovebox N2 Scitek xx_Scitek_Glovebox_N2  
Wire Bonder Westbond 747677E xx_WB_Westbond  
RTA Jipelec JetFirst 100 Hx_RTA_Jipelec  

* Some equipment information contains manufacturers IP and is not publically available. Please contact ANFF staff to gain access to confidential information provided by the manufacturer/vendor.


Standard Process Recipes

Here is a list of typical fabricatioin process 'recipes' for a variety of tools. Please do not hesitate to consult our process engineers for advice on variations, to achieve the outcomes you require.









Electron Beam (EBL)

ARP 6200

ma-N 2405


PMMA resist
ZEP resist





Optical Lithography

ma-P 1210
ma-P 1420
DUV ma-N24O5




Ebeam Evaporator

All metals





EBL Booking Policy

The use of the E-beam Lithography (EBL) system is quite heavy sometimes making it difficult to get a time-slot less than 1-2 weeks in advance. New rules have been formulated in order to use the system time more effectively. Please follow the following guidelines when making EBL bookings.

  1. Weekdays are separated by two 4-hour sessions per weekday, morning 09:00-13:00 and afternoon 13:00-17:00. These two time slots put a cut-off at 13:00. If you need less time, please book only that time during each time-slot. Booking longer than 4 hours should either start at 9:00 (or earlier) or 13:00 (strict). Minimum 1hr for a booking.

  2. More than one booking per user per day is NOT allowed.

  3. After 17:00 bookings are more flexible which is very feasible for longer exposure. It will be very convenient if users doing overnight bookings could start as late as possible - e.g. starting at 19:00 would give other users opportunity to extend the afternoon session for longer exposures.

  4. During weekends (Fri 18:00 - Mon 08:00) booking is fully flexible. Feel free to book any time slot of your choice.

  5. Always report a booking that cannot be used AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Use these mail addresses to reach to ANFF staff Gayatri.Vaidya@anu.edu.au or Kaushal.Vora@anu.edu.au

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