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ACT Node - 2023


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Abideen Z.U., Choi J.-G., Yuwono J.A., Lee W.-J., Murugappan K., Kumar P.V., Nisbet D.R., Trần-Phú T., Yoon M.-H., Tricoli A.
Structural Engineering Three-Dimensional Nano-Heterojunction Networks for High-Performance Photochemical Sensing
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 15 48 (2023)


Adhikari S., Kremer F., Lysevych M., Jagadish C., Tan H.H.
Core-shell GaN/AlGaN nanowires grown by selective area epitaxy
Nanoscale Horizons 8 4 (2023)


Alwadi T., Notthoff C., Dutt S., Wierbik J., Afrin N., Kiy A., Kluth P.
Ion track formation and porosity in InSb induced by swift heavy ion irradiation
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces and Films 41 6 (2023)


Aman G., Lysevych M., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Schmitzer H., Fränzl M., Cahay M., Wagner H.P.
Lasing in Zn-doped GaAs nanowires on an iron film
Nanotechnology 34 44 (2023)


Bera K., Chugh D., Bandopadhyay A., Tan H.H., Roy A., Jagadish C.
Decoupling the roles of defects/impurities and wrinkles in thermal conductivity of wafer-scale hBN films
Journal of Applied Physics 134 15 (2023)


Bierschenk T., Leino A.A., Wesch W., Afra B., Rodriguez M.D., Djurabekova F., Keller L., Pakarinen O.H., Nordlund K., Ridgway M.C., Kluth P.
Formation and self-organisation of nano-porosity in swift heavy ion irradiated amorphous Ge
Acta Materialia 261  (2023)


Bui A.D., Nguyen D.-T., Fell A., Mozaffari N., Ahmad V., Duong T., Li L., Truong T.N., Wibowo A.A., Nguyen K., Fischer O., Schindler F., Schubert M.C., Weber K.J., White T.P., Catchpole K.R., Macdonald D., Nguyen H.T.
Spatially resolved power conversion efficiency for perovskite solar cells via bias-dependent photoluminescence imaging
Cell Reports Physical Science 4 11 (2023)


Butson J.D., Sharma A., Tournet J., Wang Y., Tatavarti R., Zhao C., Jagadish C., Tan H.H., Karuturi S.
Unlocking Ultra-High Performance in Immersed Solar Water Splitting with Optimised Energetics
Advanced Energy Materials 13 40 (2023)


Cheng D., Zhang J., Fu J., Song H., Yu C.
A hierarchical spatial assembly approach of silica-polymer composites leads to versatile silica/carbon nanoparticles
Science Advances 9 40 (2023)


Collins N.F.L., Jakob A.M., Robson S.G., Lim S.Q., Räcke P., Johnson B.C., Liu B., Lu Y., Spemann D., McCallum J.C., Jamieson D.N.
Graphene-Enhanced Single Ion Detectors for Deterministic Near-Surface Dopant Implantation in Diamond
Advanced Functional Materials 33 51 (2023)


Das S.K., Nandi S.K., Marquez C.V., Rúa A., Uenuma M., Puyoo E., Nath S.K., Albertini D., Baboux N., Lu T., Liu Y., Haeger T., Heiderhoff R., Riedl T., Ratcliff T., Elliman R.G.
Physical Origin of Negative Differential Resistance in V3O5 and Its Application as a Solid-State Oscillator
Advanced Materials 35 8 (2023)


Duong T., Nguyen T., Huang K., Pham H., Adhikari S.G., Khan M.R., Duan L., Liang W., Fong K.C., Shen H., Bui A.D., Mayon A.O., Truong T., Tabi G., Ahmad V., Surve S., Tong J., Kho T., Tran-Phu T., Lu T., Zheng J., Paetzold U.W., Lemmer U., Baillie A.H., L
Bulk Incorporation with 4-Methylphenethylammonium Chloride for Efficient and Stable Methylammonium-Free Perovskite and Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells
Advanced Energy Materials 13 9 (2023)


Dutt S., Karawdeniya B.I., Bandara Y.M.N.D.Y., Afrin N., Kluth P.
Ultrathin, High-Lifetime Silicon Nitride Membranes for Nanopore Sensing
Analytical Chemistry 95 13 (2023)


Dutt S., Notthoff C., Wang X., Trautmann C., Mota-Santiago P., Kluth P.
Annealing of swift heavy ion tracks in amorphous silicon dioxide
Applied Surface Science 628  (2023)


Dutt S., Shao H., Karawdeniya B., Bandara Y.M.N.D.Y., Daskalaki E., Suominen H., Kluth P.
High Accuracy Protein Identification: Fusion of Solid-State Nanopore Sensing and Machine Learning
Small Methods 7 11 (2023)


Fusco Z., Riaz A., David C., Beck F.J.
Cathodoluminescence Spectroscopy of Complex Dendritic Au Architectures for Application in Plasmon-Mediated Photocatalysis and as SERS Substrates
Advanced Materials Interfaces 10 3 (2023)


Garrett M., Liu Y., Merklein M., Bui C.T., Lai C.K., Choi D.-Y., Madden S.J., Casas-Bedoya A., Eggleton B.J.
Integrated microwave photonic notch filter using a heterogeneously integrated Brillouin and active-silicon photonic circuit
Nature Communications 14 1 (2023)


Gupta B., Shehata M.M., Lee Y., Black L.E., Ma F., Hoex B., Jagadish C., Tan H.H., Karuturi S.
Unveiling the Role of H2 Plasma for Efficient InP Solar Cells
Solar RRL 7 6 (2023)


Gupta B., Zhang D., Chen H., Jagadish C., Tan H.H., Karuturi S.
Ferri-hydrite: A Novel Electron-Selective Contact Layer for InP Photovoltaic and Photoelectrochemical Cells
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 15 38 (2023)


Haggren T., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
III-V Thin Films for Flexible, Cost-Effective, and Emerging Applications in Optoelectronics and Photonics
Accounts of Materials Research 4 12 (2023)


Izdebskaya Y.V., Yang Z., Shvedov V.G., Neshev D.N., Shadrivov I.V.
Multifunctional Metasurface Tuning by Liquid Crystals in Three Dimensions
Nano Letters 23 21 (2023)


Jiang Y., Liu W., Li Z., Choi D.-Y., Zhang Y., Cheng H., Tian J., Chen S.
Linear and Nonlinear Optical Field Manipulations with Multifunctional Chiral Coding Metasurfaces
Advanced Optical Materials 11 6 (2023)


John A.T., Wei S., Yuwono J.A., Kumar P., Nisbet D.R., Karawdeniya B.I., Fu L., Murugappan K., Tricoli A.
Nano-structuring metal organic frameworks on semiconductor nanowire arrays for highly sensitive and selective chemical sensing
Applied Physics Reviews 10 3 (2023)


Kiy A., Dutt S., Notthoff C., Toimil-Molares M.E., Kirby N., Kluth P.
Highly Rectifying Conical Nanopores in Amorphous SiO2Membranes for Nanofluidic Osmotic Power Generation and Electroosmotic Pumps
ACS Applied Nano Materials 6 10 (2023)


Kuppadakkath A., Barreda Á., Ghazaryan L., Bucher T., Koshelev K., Pertsch T., Szeghalmi A., Choi D., Staude I., Eilenberger F.
Precision Tailoring Quasi-BIC Resonance of a-Si:H Metasurfaces
Nanomaterials 13 11 (2023)


Leino A.A., Jantunen V.E., Mota-Santiago P., Kluth P., Djurabekova F.
Insights into nanoparticle shape transformation by energetic ions
Scientific Reports 13 1 (2023)


Leow C., Kreider P.B., Sommacal S., Kluth P., Compston P.
Electrical and thermal conductivity in graphene-enhanced carbon-fibre/PEEK: The effect of interlayer loading
Carbon 215  (2023)


Li C., Zhang X., Yi R., Li Z., Zhang F., Liu K., Gan X., Fu L., Xiao F., Zhao J., Tan H.H., Jagadish C.
Low-Threshold Multiwavelength Plasmonic Nanolasing in an “H”-Shape Cavity
Laser and Photonics Reviews 17 10 (2023)


Li H., Kim J.T., Kim J.-S., Choi D.-Y., Li J., Lee S.-S.
Spectrometer-less refractive index sensor based on the spatial weighted variance of metasurface-generated vortex beams
Applied Physics Letters 123 23 (2023)


Li H., Wen J., Gao S., Choi D.-Y., Kim J.T., Lee S.-S.
Switchable optical trapping based on vortex-pair beams generated by a polarization-multiplexed dielectric metasurface
Nanoscale 15 43 (2023)


Li Z., Azimi Z., Li Z., Yu Y., Huang L., Jin W., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Wong-Leung J., Fu L.
InAs nanowire arrays for room-temperature ultra-broadband infrared photodetection
Nanoscale 15 23 (2023)


Liao J.-W., Huang Z.-T., Wu C.-H., Gagrani N., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Chen K.-P., Lu T.-C.
Highly Localized Surface Plasmon Nanolasers via Strong Coupling
Nano Letters 23 10 (2023)


Ma J., Zhang J., Jiang Y., Fan T., Parry M., Neshev D.N., Sukhorukov A.A.
Polarization Engineering of Entangled Photons from a Lithium Niobate Nonlinear Metasurface
Nano Letters 23 17 (2023)


Mckay L., Lai C.K., Athansion N.J., Choi D.-Y., Madden S.J., Eggleton B.J., Merklein M.
Chip-based SBS for image rejection in a broadband microwave photonic mixer
Optics Express 31 3 (2023)


Motamedi M., Jia G., Yao Y., Shanks K., Yousefi P., Hewakuruppu Y.L., Rafeie M., Lindner F., Patterson R., Christiansen S., Plentz J., Koshy P., Taylor R.A.
Nanopatterned indium tin oxide as a selective coating for solar thermal applications
Renewable Energy 210  (2023)


Nandi S.K., Nath S.K., Das S.K., Murdoch B.J., Ratcliff T., McCulloch D.G., Elliman R.G.
Effect of Interdiffusion and Crystallization on Threshold Switching Characteristics of Nb/Nb2O5/Pt Memristors
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 15 50 (2023)


Nath S.K., Nandi S.K., Das S.K., Liang Y., Elliman R.G.
Thermal transport in metal-NbOx-metal cross-point devices and its effect on threshold switching characteristics
Nanoscale   (2023)


Nath S.K., Sun X., Nandi S.K., Chen X., Wang Z., Das S.K., Lei W., Faraone L., Rickard W.D.A., Elliman R.G.
Harnessing Metal/Oxide Interlayer to Engineer the Memristive Response and Oscillation Dynamics of Two-Terminal Memristors
Advanced Functional Materials 33 52 (2023)


Nguyen K., Bui A.D., Mayon A.O., Nguyen T., White T., Truong T., Ho-Baillie A., Duong T., Shen H., Weber K., Catchpole K., Macdonald D., Nguyen H.T.
Correlative imaging of optoelectronic properties for perovskite solar cells via hyperspectral luminescence imaging
Cell Reports Physical Science 4 10 (2023)


Shehata M.M., Bartholazzi G., Macdonald D.H., Black L.E.
Engineering Silicon Interfaces with Transparent AlyTiOx/ZnO/TiO2 Stack Exhibiting Exceptional Passivating Contact Performance
Advanced Energy Materials 13 20 (2023)


Shehata M.M., Truong T.N., Bartholazzi G., Macdonald D.H., Black L.E.
Addressing the stability challenges of TiOx-based passivating contacts for high-efficiency c-Si solar cells
Journal of Materials Chemistry A   (2023)


Soo J.Z., Narangari P.R., Jagadish C., Tan H.H., Karuturi S.
Protocol for scalable top-down fabrication of InP nanopillars using a self-assembled random mask technique
STAR Protocols 4 2 (2023)


Soo J.Z., Riaz A., Kremer F., Brink F., Jagadish C., Tan H.H., Karuturi S.
Cobalt modification of nickel-iron hydroxide electrocatalysts: a pathway to enhanced oxygen evolution reaction
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 11 42 (2023)


Stuckelberger J., Yan D., Phang S.P., Samundsett C., Wang J., Antognini L., Haug F.-J., Wang Z., Yang J., Zheng P., Zhang X., Macdonald D.
Pre-annealing for improved LPCVD deposited boron-doped poly-Si hole-selective contacts
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 251  (2023)


Ta X.M.C., Trần-Phú T., Yuwono J.A., Nguyen T.K.A., Bui A.D., Truong T.N., Chang L.-C., Magnano E., Daiyan R., Simonov A.N., Tricoli A.
Optimal Coatings of Co3O4 Anodes for Acidic Water Electrooxidation
Small   (2023)


Tu C.-W., Kaveh M., Fränzl M., Gao Q., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Schmitzer H., Wagner H.P.
Polarization Conversion of Light Diffracted from InP Nanowire Photonic Crystal Arrays
Advanced Optical Materials 11 8 (2023)


Vilasam A.G.S., Adhikari S., Gupta B., Balendhran S., Higashitarumizu N., Tournet J., Li L., Javey A., Crozier K.B., Karuturi S., Jagadish C., Tan H.H.
Large-area epitaxial growth of InAs nanowires and thin films on hexagonal boron nitride by metal organic chemical vapor deposition
Nanotechnology 34 49 (2023)


Voisin B., Salfi J., St Médar D.D., Johnson B.C., McCallum J.C., Simmons M.Y., Rogge S.
A solid-state quantum microscope for wavefunction control of an atom-based quantum dot device in silicon
Nature Electronics 6 6 (2023)


Wang J., Phang S.P., Samundsett C., Li Z., Truong T.N., Yang J., Wang Z., Zheng P., Zhang X., Nguyen H.T., Macdonald D., Stuckelberger J.
Development of Phosphorus-Doped Nanoscale Poly-Si Passivating Contacts via Inkjet Printing for Application in Silicon Solar Cells
ACS Applied Nano Materials 6 1 (2023)


Wang M., Chen L., Choi D.-Y., Huang S., Wang Q., Tu C., Cheng H., Tian J., Li Y., Chen S., Wang H.-T.
Characterization of Orbital Angular Momentum Quantum States Empowered by Metasurfaces
Nano Letters 23 9 (2023)


Wei S., Li Z., Murugappan K., Li Z., Zhang F., Saraswathyvilasam A.G., Lysevych M., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Tricoli A., Fu L.
A Self-Powered Portable Nanowire Array Gas Sensor for Dynamic NO2 Monitoring at Room Temperature
Advanced Materials 35 12 (2023)


Wong W.W., Wang N., Esser B.D., Church S.A., Li L., Lockrey M., Aharonovich I., Parkinson P., Etheridge J., Jagadish C., Tan H.H.
Bottom-up, Chip-Scale Engineering of Low Threshold, Multi-Quantum-Well Microring Lasers
ACS Nano 17 15 (2023)


Wurdack M., Yun T., Katzer M., Truscott A.G., Knorr A., Selig M., Ostrovskaya E.A., Estrecho E.
Negative-mass exciton polaritons induced by dissipative light-matter coupling in an atomically thin semiconductor
Nature Communications 14 1 (2023)


Zangeneh Kamali K., Xu L., Gagrani N., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Miroshnichenko A., Neshev D., Rahmani M.
Electrically programmable solid-state metasurfaces via flash localised heating
Light: Science and Applications 12 1 (2023)


Zhang D., Li H., Lu H., Yin Z., Fusco Z., Riaz A., Reuter K., Catchpole K., Karuturi S.
Unlocking the performance of ternary metal (hydro)oxide amorphous catalysts via data-driven active-site engineering
Energy and Environmental Science 16 11 (2023)


Zhang X., Cheng J., Yue W., Li Z., Choi D.-Y., Li Y., Li H., Lee S.-S., Chen S., Gao S.
Twofold optical display and encryption of binary and grayscale images with a wavelength-multiplexed metasurface
Nanophotonics 12 19 (2023)


Zhang X., Yi R., Zhao B., Li C., Li L., Li Z., Zhang F., Wang N., Zhang M., Fang L., Zhao J., Chen P., Lu W., Fu L., Tan H.H., Jagadish C., Gan X.
Vertical Emitting Nanowire Vector Beam Lasers
ACS Nano 17 11 (2023)


Zhang Y., Li Z., Liu W., Cheng H., Choi D.-Y., Tian J., Chen S.
On-Chip Multidimensional Manipulation of Far-Field Radiation with Guided Wave-Driven Metasurfaces
Laser and Photonics Reviews 17 9 (2023)


Zhang Z.-X., Haggren T., Li J.-X., Wang J., Fang Q.-L., Tan H.H., Luo L.-B.
High-Performance Flexible GaAs Nanofilm UV Photodetectors
ACS Applied Nano Materials 6 11 (2023)


Zheng Z., Xu L., Huang L., Smirnova D., Kamali K.Z., Yousefi A., Deng F., Camacho-Morales R., Ying C., Miroshnichenko A.E., Neshev D.N., Rahmani M.
Third-harmonic generation and imaging with resonant Si membrane metasurface
Opto-Electronic Advances 6 8 (2023)


Zhou F., Gong H., Xiao M., Ma Y., Wang Z., Yu X., Li L., Fu L., Tan H.H., Yang Y., Ren F.-F., Gu S., Zheng Y., Lu H., Zhang R., Zhang Y., Ye J.
An avalanche-and-surge robust ultrawide-bandgap heterojunction for power electronics
Nature Communications 14 1 (2023)




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